Just a Thought... an evil thought

Is there any chance we can get a shot at Thoth Amon, the wizard that had us crucified and thrown into the Exiled Lands? And by get a shot, I mean to beat the snot out of him… Plain old revenge, like I said just a thought

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I’ve always imagined that that’s what our character goes to do after getting rid of the bracelet and leaving the Exiled Lands.

In Howardian lore (Phoenix on the Sword), Thoth-Amon’s enemies stole the Serpent Ring from him and forced him into exile. Maybe our character is going to be part of that conspiracy that eventually overthrows him. It bears mentioning that old Thoth is still alive when Conan is king, so it would break continuity to let him get killed in the Exiled Lands, which is set in a time when Conan is still a wandering adventurer.

I gotta say I would like that.

To say I was underwhelmed after obtaining all the required items and walking off through the wall, is an understatement.

I get that it wasn’t the focus but, really couldn’t there have been something more gratifying?

Personally I think , that’s how Siptah should follow, get all the items on CE, get past the wall, only to get shipwrecked trying to get back home and find yourself marooned on the island.

On another note entirely, I would love to get a hold of the Black ring of Set.

There’s a rude joke in there somewhere…

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