Children Of The Exiles?

Sooo… Is there any in-game lore about kids? Do people born to an exile just leave when they get older or do the bracelets stop people from getting pregnant and more people being exiled is the only way to get new people? Any official Funcom answer?

I’ve seen such version quite often.

Yes, the lorestones in the UC mention that “breeding is encouraged, we can always use more slaves” (or something along those lines). So presumably the bracelets preventing pregnancy - if that is indeed the lore reason - is a later addition.

The real reason is (almost certainly) the total nightmare of incorporating actual kids in the Exiled Lands from a PR / marketing standpoint, the moralizing from “concerned citizens” and rating bureaus would never end. Can’t say I blame Funcom for just avoiding the whole fustercluck.

Of course, “killable kids” was once one of the more popular mods for Skyrim, but I guess that says more about us as gamers than anything else. Which reminds me of this little gem…


I wouldn’t want children to be in the game. I’m just thinking from a RP standpoint. The “Breeding is encouraged” line feels a bit out of place given that overpopulation is what led to the war. (now that I think about it).

For RP building up enough gold, clothing, and practical skills for your kid to one day leave and live a good life would seem like a thing right?

Sounds a lot like Real Life™ to be honest!

Not to mention the landmine of the fact that the adults are often full nude… that leads to a potentially bigger pr problem than the killable kids. Some things are better left alone.

Oh I didn’t mean just the killing - in fact, that could probably be handled, if one were determined to do so. Naked kids, or kids exposed to naked adults however, is a much harder thing to do - probably effectively impossible for a product that wants to release on consoles, even if said nudity was disabled there (like it actually is).

Avoiding ALL those issues seems like the saner choice.

Agreed. Never s*it where you live… or eat… can never remember which one…

Are all people in the Exile lands in the “you cannot die” trap too? Do they know about it?

Have all ONE common text:
When somebody dies in the Exiled Lands, they awaken in the last place that they slept, unaware of how or why they got there.

Or is that only for the player like that (lore wise).

Not really sure. I think it’s supposed to be for everyone who wears the Bracelet (a relatively elegant lore explanation for the game concept of “respawning”, enemies as well as players).

Then again, there are stories found all over the place of people who supposedly died for good - so it’s a mixed bag.

Suspension of disbelief is very valuable. As much as I love Conan, its not getting an Oscar for best screenplay…

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