NPCs are free to leave

I don’t know why I’ve only just realised this but I can’t remember ever seeing an NPC wearing a bracelet. I’ve read references to them being worn in different journals/notes but only ever seen other players wearing them. So in theory there’s nothing preventing the NPCs from just wandering off (imersively speaking ofcourse).

I think most npc bracelets are hidden under their gloves from their armors. Spinas has a bracelets but he does not wear long gloves when you find him.

All My thralls have bracelets…

In that case I obviously haven’t paid enough attention :rofl:

The funny thing is you are still right in a sense, given thralls can cross the green wall and live as anyone who has had a purge against it can attest.

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In fact, too many NPCs have bracelets. Even those humans who are supposedly native to the lands, e.g. Lemurians, wear bracelets. Yes, the Lemurians were the original enslaved people, but that was so long ago that they’d have to be born with bracelets, or for some weird ritualistic reason put bracelets on their new-born children. Maybe so they could understand the recorded voice-messages left by the Giant-Kings?

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