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What happened to the bracelets with amber gems progression? Way way back in the day the wanderer talked about people on the other side of the wall to the north (where the highlands are now) who had bracelets with amber gems rather then green. The people who payed attention to the lore though you would make the north unlocked by some kind of quest rather then just taking the wall away.

I’m just curious why. If you don’t want people skipping half the world and going straight north from the start it would have been a good way to do it. Again just curious.

The lorestone you’re refering to is now a nod to the Cursewall having been there. The amber bracelets may be an interesting detail (but note it can be figurative, it was outside the cursewall). @SirBowen knows about it better than I do, but they are at the least somewhat inactive at the moment.

It wasn’t a lore stone. It was the person by the noob river. They moved him from where he was to under one of the “Sentinel” statues and then changed his voice lines. It was before the update that gave us access to the north.


Maybe the green wall distorted the colors on the other side so the bracelet gems looked amber on the other side. Then Thoth-Amon’s minions came and broke the pillars between North and South so as to let the two populations intermingle.

Nice catch and a nice detail to think about.
First of all, i dont know the true story about these amber gems but …

I know “Acros the Wanderer” is talking about seeing bracelets with amber colored gems on the other side of the curse wall.
At his time, the curse wall was still north of the desert. At “Boundary Spillway” you can still see a ghost dying, who wanted to walk through this curse wall, although it is no longer there.

So i can only explain these amber coloured gems to myself, because they originally were used for translation and communication between the races and powered up by the wall back in the days, before they were transformed into bracelets to keep humankind away from the borders during the great war and later misused as slave bracelets by Thoth Amon. Giant-king Lorestones / Lemurian Lorestones

So I could imagine that amber was the original color of the gems before they were transformed/corrupted and shimmered green, like the Cursewall itself. That would at least make sense to me and explain it.

Lets see if the devs can bring some light into this darkness.
Maybe especially Joel Bylos, the main story writer/teller of CE can help us out.

Sir Bowen


That is an interesting theory. However don’t the lore stones in the north imply that, that area was part of the war? So it would have been affected too?

Mounds of the dead has its name from the fight between Giant Kings and Tyros army (who changed sides to help humans, because of his loved one).
Tyros won and the priest king died = barrow king.
Tyros and his army got cursed before and so the soldiers can not die but also not speak (skeletons) and got named “the silent Legion”.

But the question is: is Conan exiles from real Conan lore or has Funcom invented many things in the Exile lands?
So maybe the story wasnt finished back then and the devs added one of many other possible stories?

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The Exiled Lands don’t really fit anywhere onto the map of the Hyborian Age. The climate changes too drastically within such a small area.

Lots of the lore that can be found in the Exiled Lands fits into Howardian lore, though: from an ancient inhuman civilization who enslaved the Lemurians to Thoth-Amon finding his Serpent Ring of Set are details that touch upon Howard’s writings. As good ol’ Thoth-Amon is the guy who got us sent to the Exiled Lands, and he later loses his power when the Ring is stolen from him… maybe it’s us, after removing our bracelet and escaping the Exiled Lands, who steal his ring and thus cause his downfall.


That ghost has been removed, it is no longer there today.

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The random ghost floating above the highlands is still there. :rofl: He is a fun one. I think the custom waypoints are bound to it.

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