Crazy idea! Babies! <3

Yes, you heard right, babies. This morning when i woke up a crazy idea came in my mind that could change the gameplay of Conan Exiles drastically.
The Developers added the genital organs to male and females but for what use? What if they will make to be able to make love (what is the double bed for?) which will allow you to produce NPC as a life cycle from baby to full grown NPC, in which you will be able to train them from a certain age to become a fighter, tenner, blacksmith, etc. You will need to spend time with them, for example to make an archer you have to build a target range (because we have one in the game but for what use?).
However the most important and the hardest part is when the female character player or NPC ( the NPC is more for the solo players who doesn’t have a friend to make love with, that’s sounds weird :sweat_smile:) gets birth and the baby must be kept safe and feed (as the new feeding system will be added to the game, it binds to this idea).
I know many will say this is not worth it because the slavery already allow you to make Thralls, but if the developers will understand the idea, they can make it to be hard to achieve but with a great achievement, for example to make a legendary NPC.

Some ideas the make this mechanic harder are:

  1. A certain amount of time on the server, maybe lvl 60.
  2. The female will not be able to make love for a certain amount of time.
  3. Taking care of the baby will be a challenge, not mentioning that the mother must stay home and take care of the child
  4. And not to die while pregnant… you know the answer.
  5. For the solo payers, they have to find another player or NPC.

If this will be a thing, the animations are the priority :wink: … I mean the belly of the female getting bigger…

The downsides of this are:

  1. The developers will struggle and have a hard time to make this, maybe its not even possible.
  2. Players might find an exploit.
  3. Lots of Bugs.

Overall this could add more life to Conan Exiles and a use to endowment size, and please do not bombard me with negative comments such as ‘’ AAHHH Conan Exiles you fight, you don’t have time to duck (f) with people, EEHH thats stupid’’.
Conan Exiles is a survival game where you choose you gender, eat and drink, build, conquer and make love.
I think many would like this because while I play this game most of the time I peek on the window of a base and most of the time I could see ‘many’ naked female NPC everywhere, sooo yeahh.

Btw. sorry for the rude language when I gave an example of a comment.


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Funcom has outright said no to this idea several times in the past.


Just No LIKE NO… Wait maybe NO. FInd a dam game that is online that has you raising Avatars’s baby. If you did…ok. Let me see this would be stupidly hard to make balance and what not. Like this is a sandbox game world where you are immortal being that gets revived over n over n over n over. Even if we were gonna use the ole… You die and either you take possession of a child or you create a new character would just be as bad as beating the game and leaving the exile. The reason why having pets make more sense is because you don’t need to wait years before they mature.

Interesting idea but, the game has already been rated by the ESRB as M with no listing of sexual content. If this were to be implemented into the game the action could not be shown only slightly hinted at. I think it would be cool to raise a child in the game to be a strong fighter who aids you in battle, growing an attachment to them. This would make their death even more painful and give you more of a reason to an act revenge on the player who killed them.

But for real Funcom needs to fix the nudity textures. Really, female character models don’t really have viginas, and no one has a b u tt hole! Yeah, I sometimes have nothing better to do.

The magic of the Bracelet prevents conception (pregnancy). Boom, done deal. Just made that up I’m afraid, but if you want a reason (other than the obvious out-of-game ones) why there’s no children in the exiled lands, there’s one right there.

I mean I see the potential in your idea, but it doesn’t really fit the feel of the game - the theme, sure why not, Conan himself was born on a battlefield (can’t remember if literally or not but I wouldn’t be surprised).

It’s another one of those ideas that are (IMO) too polarizing and fraught with issues to be a part of the core gameplay, but would be eminently suited for a (rather ambitious) mod.

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Hi I get your idea but it just seems wrong to have thralls with kids because, who wants to kill thrall kids it’s just wrong. The hole making love thing wrong no one wants to see that on a game, or raise kids take to long we are still waiting for the taming update.

No offense but enslaving women with the intention of impregnating them sounds super creepy.

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Hey, Yes that’s true when i told the idea to my friends this is exactly what they said murdering children is wrong, and this might be the reason why Funcom doesn’t wont this as they might have problems in other countries, for example China.

Hey, I’m not offended what you are saying it’s very true :laughing:, but the communication with certain NPC it’s a thing so Funcom could add the ability to speak with NPC and by selecting certain dialogues the NPC might start to trust you or hate you ( getting aggressive) , no need for slavery.
But the problem is the players will stop to put thralls in wheels of pains and exploit this mechanic.
Now I understand how Funcom feels when they have to put a new patch.

Boom, someone make this as a Mod please. I sow many people interested in making the textures of female parts better.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t personally want to see this - which is why I say its only chance of existing is as a mod.

If have pc mods solve problems except babies Conan sexiles and aquilonia females

I like the idea and hopefully it will develop. But the problem with this would not be se.x. That could be dodged like Ark does. The big problem with this and that the most susceptible people would fall on is that the player would be given the chance to see murdered children in the game or even be your killer.

If your looking for something with lots of sexual content check out the Patreon game Wild Life.

No way. Rather having a cradle with some observing thrall. There is a thrall for anything, so why not for nurturing future thralls?

Another version of “craftable” thralls:
Let us throw two thralls of different gender into some station (like the double bed, hehe) and have them breed. Eighter with slavers added to that thing (okay, weird images coming to my mind…) or none.
Both thralls get consumed.
The new thrall might be of random quality, with the parents quality having an impact. (2 t4 thralls giving 50% chance for new t4) They eighter are totally random, or if the parents were of the same faction, they will be of the same faction. Or they will be exiles if not two of the same faction had been used in breeding. Job would be random as well, unless both had the same?

However, if you really want to add players in that, everything is fine by me… But no forced staying in shelter just because of a female character. Just no way this would be fun in any way.


As a parent, I can confirm that this is quite close to realism.


Of course, this is another way which is a very good idea, i said that because there are to many players who make females characters :wink:, like for real the male is near the extinction.

Eh… I tried playing a male character a while ago… I hated it. They are so… I dont know. They feel like their body is obstructing them…
(To be fair, I can rarely stand playing male toons.)

The animations feel so awkward and clunky and they just look like this huge graceless slab of meat.

I dang near always play as a lady. Just gravitate towards a female protagonist in everything I do, always have. Growing up with two sisters and watching Aliens about four billion times as a kid may have something to do with it.

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