My Feedback of My Experience To Date Playing Conan Exiles

This Game is Simply Awesome. I love to spend hours playing.
But Today, I see that even with the New Expansion (Isle of Siptah), some things have not changed yet.
I would like to suggest some changes that will bring more Realism to the Game.

  • For example.
    We have men and women in the game.
    Why can’t they have kids?
    It would be interesting.
  • Same thing with Animals.
    Instead of Catching the Puppies on the Map, Why Can’t We Create Them? Just put a Male and a Female in a Corral.
  • I don’t understand either, because we can’t put the animals back in the corrals after getting them out.
    It’s not practical at all.
    At least in the Corral, They are in a more Relaxed position.
    Once removed from the Corral, Animals Do not act in a Natural way. Is weird.
  • I also don’t understand why animals don’t feel thirst, hunger, the effects of weather, the weight of the load equal to our Avatar.
  • Why can’t crocodiles enter the water?.Horses can.
    But crocodiles do not attack in water.
  • It’s weird to have a domesticated version of some animals.
    For example. How to tame a scorpion or a crocodile?.
    It makes sense to create these animals to place them in a place where they don’t have direct contact with our avatar or our clan.
  • I see that other Animals in the Game can be used as a mount.
    Camels, elephants and dragons.
    Dragons can fly!.
    The game needs to have a winged species and a wingless species.
    It would be really cool to do airstrikes with dragons.
    These are just a few suggestions.

Only when i hit them with a tool…and they launch.

Lore wise, I’m no expert… I don’t think those Dragons exist in Conan.

Cause water isn’t water in game engine, Its Air with texture layer of sorts over it.
It was mention before, it’ll take some work to make boats and water stuff work. Even then, it seems Devs were pretty happy with land threats, and water ones lower on list.

Along with some of your other notes.

Short Answer… Its Video Game. Gameplay > Realism.

Realism can ruin the game, some might find those details fun, by large… there not very welcome in most video games.
Not mention the constant inner working using up memory to run them.

Like Farming, do you really wanna tile soil, water and make sure it gets right sun-shade? Some games do it, and it works.
I wouldn’t mind placing seeds and watering… thats my limit. I can go to my Aunts if I want real farm work experience. XD

AI standing about doing nothing, is pretty much just limit of game design and memory usage. It be nice to set some patrols. Or even some better stand still animations. (crocs sun bathing or something. XD)


This is something I had always wondered. If the dancers are able to do their dance emote, what is stopping other class related thralls like fighters mayhaps drinking emote, or a taunt emote. And archers with like snooze emote, etc. maybe even have named thralls have exclusive emotes just unique or such to them. Variation.

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I’ve read a lot of the original Conan stories and I can’t remember a single instance where a child made an appearance. They were meant to be ferocious adventure stories; that could be why there aren’t children in the game.

There also aren’t any flying dragons. But there are dark sorcerers who can control animals like crocodiles. Robert E Howard had already been dead for a year before Tolkien published the Hobbit and started the milieu that informs and inspires most of modern fantasy. The tone of Conan is closer to HP Lovecraft than anything with elves and orks. In fact, Lovecraft and Howard were contemporaries who wrote to each other and used each others ideas in their works.

So this might be different than what you are used to. Much of Conan is in the public domain, especially outside the U.S. The story “Red Nails” has Conan encounter a dragon.

I should mention that I like a lot of your suggestions, like thralls and animals acting more naturally.

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ESRB woudn’t allow it. It’s a violent game and kids have no place in it.
As for the rest of your feedback, remember that this is a video game and if some things are too close to reality, the game might not be fun to play.
Conan Exiles dragons don’t have wings. As for these to become mounts, I think that would be cool but they will easily overshadow other pets/mounts and you’ll see all players riding dragons which is not very lore friendly.


This game has the same esrb rating all fallout 3, and there are children in the game. They’re rendered invincible so no one is able to kill them without mods. If funcom wanted children in the game - they could easily be tagged essential/invincible.

I haven’t read the books. My Conan lore is derived from the Cartoon , the Live action , and the various movies. Besides that, I gather some snips of info from wiki from time to time. Beyond the intros, there aren’t many children.

Besides sensibilities of some having children in a game, there is nothing really to gain from it besides making the world feel more realistic. Having 10 or 20 or more extra NPCs that are window dressing probably not the best idea to implement for a multi-player game when they can add other things instead.

On a side note: Age of Conan had kids running around the streets in a repetitive loop which was cool. Although it was one safe areas where the citizens will never be harmed. Also think there was a child quest giver as well.

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