Capturable Animals and Rafts

I believe that having the ability to train animals to be pets or mounts, as well as a craftable raft or dugout canoe, would add an extra dimension to the replayability of the game. I don’t consider myself a super fan of Conan but I read some of the comics and watched the films as many times as any 80s kid. The world is amazing, I just think that having horses or camels seems to be an obvious progression considering the lore surrounding the subject and the amount of time it takes to traverse the map. As far as pets go, it is a little odd to have animal pens and the ability to steal eggs without being able to also train the animals. What’s the point of having little babies of you can’t raise the as fair animals? Lastly, the inclusion of a steerable boat of some kind seems like a big oversight considering the terrain and the ships that lay broken on the shorelines. I appreciate you reading, I will be sure to leave my soapbox here if anyone wants to add.