I don’t want horses.
I want build-able rafts,canoes and boats to use on the rivers and streams.

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Tamable Mounts
would add a new dimension

Would be a nice idea for a player build a 2x4 or 3x6 size boat that have a height limit of a small boat would navigate the river canal and such. Or also add underground cave that the river float through all biomes xD

I just want a simple boat, that can carry 4-6 players on it, with a realistically sized inventory.
Not those retarded Ark rafts where you build castles on top of .

yeah it would be awesome to have some boats, but sadlly there’s not really the place to use it on the conan map so far, it would be a short ride from starter area to jungle :smiley:

I would still love to see mounts, it would have been a nice counter against obelisk block from bigger clans.

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