Please Add Vehicles: Carts and Rafts

New here. I’ve been pursuing the Forums as a ghost for awhile, but I had this idea and wanted to post it.

With the new map extensions for Ilse of Siptah, it occurred to me that having a raft would be really useful to traverse all of the water surrounding everything. I could load some chests on a raft, safely sail around the island (at the cost of time), trade with the other clans, and sail back.

Then it occurred to me, why not do that with a cart pulled by my horse, or a rhino? How cool would it be to do a raid by pulling three or four of my friends up in a wagon, ransak the target, and load everything we can carry up in our wagon and ride away! Or, for a less violent approach, use it to further augment my resource gathering, or a mobile base for lone players.

Sure we can do this with the already existing inventory space in our thralls and mounts, but I think having a wagon, or a raft, could be a way for players to further augment there harvesting abilities (violent and peaceful), and offer another way for players to immerse themselves in the game.

As far as implementing such vehicles goes, I see them as mid to late game items built in a carpenter’s bench and placed in a valid location. Assigning a placed mount to one could be tricky, so instead have a spot in the cart inventory where you could place an unplaced mount, similar to adding thralls to work benches.

I have 590 hrs in Conan Exiles and over 1000+ hours combined across several survival games.

TLDR: Adding rafts and carts would give players more options to play the game the way they want to play it.

Thank you


The game already has (like DLC) an elephant and a rhinoceros capable of carrying 40 inventory slots. Great for playing the role of a merchant or taking out a crumbling base.
But the boat idea is actually cool, and has been asking for it for a long time. And if earlier, in the Lands of the Exiles, there was little water and boats were not profitable, now we have an island, which would be a great idea to swim in a circle

Yeah, the elephant and the rhino are great for resources gathering! It’s just hard to do some of the other stuff I mentioned with them.

One of, maybe the very first video i seen of early game concepts for CE had this game mechanic in the plans. It was a raft and a seige weapon base that was moveable. FC abandoned those plans, mainly because,“water is difficult”…

It would be a great way to transport warriors too.

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