Pull cart, plow, etc

What you say? As early as the wheel was invemted, cavemen pulled carts to carry their farming materials. You can’t deny in the Hyborian age, there were no pull carts? You already drag thralls, attach your binding to a cart that has 20 or 40 slots and allow us to double or even triple up on farming. So, your backpack us full, your pet is full, pull out your crafted cart (Artisan bench) tether your binding to it and add the rest of the mats you’ve farmed.

Continue on to pulling the plows to plow a farming field.

It’s clear, Conan was mainly a solo fellow, he didn’t need a tribe as he was the Rambo of his generation, so he didn’t need to build a base to drop loot, or plow a field of edible plants; however, we’re exiles who have to live and work to survive. We live in clans, troops, tribes and families. We have designated, cooks, craters but no farmers… but I digress,
Add pull carts please. :):smiley:


There’s rhino and elephant caravan with 35 inventory slots (or 30 or 40 I’m not sure) that do a better job than any cart could do. They can follow you everywhere, even at the to of a cliff.

You know what would be nice ? Not a cart… But a sledge !

Think about it, a major part of the game is either sand or snow, so it would mate a LOT of sence ! Aswell as a bit of gameplay if we loose the rope and have to run for our long earned farm that decided to go down the mountain/dune

yeah… some sort of cart/sledge that adds 50 to our max carry capacity and makes items put in like half their normal weight… bonus points if a thrall can haul it for me…

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