Ideas for More Bazaar Items -Vehicles

I was watching a You Tuber and he suggested craftable vehicles should be included in the game. I thought this was a great idea. What about a horse drawn wagon? We could use it as a mobile storage space for a mass resource hunt? We could make it customisable including the ability for it to be pulled by particular animals. Maybe we could finally find a use for camels? We could place a camel on the wagon to pull it along?

Anyway, what other ideas about craftable vehicles can you guys think of?


I like the idea of having something to transport multiple unconscious thralls. Instead of only dragging one, you could haul around five. A “slaver wagon” pulled by horses or rhinos.


I like the idea of a modular wagon, as in you build it with a flat bed, and then you can build on it (bed, slave cage, adding chests, a workbench maybe, a thrall ect) a few games have done this… i can see it being a great benefit to gameplay, especually since sometimes you have to go across the map for a few things

The 2 followers feat could benefit this alot, maybe having 2 wagons at a time


Vehicles are cool for a number of reasons but now that we have Sorcery-powered teleporters, practicality isn’t one of them. Moving between bases, or straight up moving an entire base, has never been easier.

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Wight skin for thralls.

It wouldnt be bad if they were actual undead but a skin would be enough.

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