Wooden carts and dragging more than 1 thrall

Wooden cart: used to carry weight and drag up to 3 thralls on it. Requires 3 dragging items to drag 3 unconscious thralls

The player uses a wooden cart to help farm. It has a slot for torch. The cart is a way players can transport resources. The cart max inventory weight is 100 pounds. The cart hp is 700. It requires Iron bars,resin,tar and loads of wood.

Hopefully horses,camels and mules are added as mounts. Then the cart can be attached to these creatures allowing transport by horse,mule and camel.


I chose 100 pounds max as a balance. I am hoping a wooden cart is added to the game. This idea helps solo players.

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Interesting idea! Maybe add a sled as well to have more variety!

A sled would be easier to implement as it could work similar to the backpack and be worn as headgear maybe. I’m sure I saw a sled like that somewhere before.

I do like this idea and to make it balanced I wouldn’t mind if i could only use a torch with it and not fight as it’s something you’d only use when needed.