Allow us to attach siege/storage wagons to our horse... Also boats for Isle of Siptah

Allow us to attach these things to our horses, reduce mobility a little from having it or something.

We have a horse, we have a wagon… Horse + Wagon = Horse using wagon, this has been around from medieval times and it’s probably even in the movie (I never watched the movie)

Boats for Isle of Siptah, I see Triremes afloat and shipwrecked it would be cool for us to have our own boat, for purges just send a wave of Triremes at ours (If we don’t have a land base).

Why must us gamers point out the obvious to any dev in this world, like these are the most simplest things to think about and be like “Hmm should we add this?”… I mean developers play their own game right? as well as developing it, do these ideas not come across as we all play?

Don’t mean to diss you funcom, I do love your game it’s unique and an amazing survival game but it just puzzles me that when there’s cool features do be added devs either don’t add it, don’t think about it or pull something from their previous game that everybody loved to their newer game it happens alot between various big developers.

I mean Black Flag for example we loved naval aspect, then they gave us rogue despite us all wanting to sail our own ship they gave us a smaller ship.

Anyway please keep the topic to Wagons and boats, hopefully the devs add it.

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Funcom stated they don’t wish to add new major features to paid DLCs.

Boats are something that probably need to remain as modded content unless they decide to make a new
free map that replaces Exiled Lands and has boats in mind.

Certainly! That’s how we ended up with the stamina changes, the non-repairable legendary items, the decimated cities, the ridiculously short aggro range and NPC leashes, and the change in the rules so world bosses are allowed to be blocked. :crazy_face:

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I mean I would prefer Exiled map to have boats and stuff, but there’s no ocean whereas siptah has it not to mention the only way to get rhino mount/saddle was to aquire siptah dlc

Indeed - let alone there are no megafauna in game big enough to withstand the kinetic and weight forces involved in seige machinery just firing - and if the Exiled Lands brings in dinosaurs… (facepalm) :laughing:


Simple physics. When the trebuchet is cranked back and then released, the kinetic force projecting that projectile goes one way whilst the opposite force heads the other way. Normally into and through a solid object on the ground/foundation. When it’s going instead through a mainly water-base thing made of flesh it’s a little like hitting a watermelon with a sledgehammer. Messy.
If you were referring to ‘megafauna’ then, other than dragons (did appear in Conan lore) - which would also be nailed by kinetic physics - ther’s nothing else. Mounting small bolt-throwers to elephants may work, but a little cumbersome and were not entirely successful in ancient times due to how pachyderms really don’t like being shot at.

We’re not talking about physics? or fauna? or mounting bolt throwers at all.

The topic was “Add wagons” to mounts mainly horses, and boats to siptah.

In the market right now there is a boulder holder wagon that’s a placeable, why not hook that to a horse?, or may be a storage wagon that we can also hook to a horse it’ll be like a bearer thrall but a wagon which is realistic.

I mean if we was going to think of adding Siege equipment to mounts you’d still have to unequip the wagon if it’s bigger than a scorpio.

Although Scorpios would be a nice wall defence to shoot at invading purgees.

Could probably mount a scorpio on some sort of wagon/charriot. I don’t imagine it’d be accurate at all unless its “grounded” though.

Might I suggest you swap storage and siege around in the title? I can see how people could mistake siege wagons for siege weapons.

Think I done it, although it’s simply the same thing? It suggests for both? although I would most overall favour just a storage wagon if anything.

Although it would indeed be fun to attach a horse and wagon I simply could see too many things going wrong like the wagon rag dolling all around the place if running at full speed on a horse with the terrain the way it is and Funcom’s track record with physics (No offence Funcom ).
It could probably also lead to issues in PVP types and so forth.
My suggestion would be maybe having the wagon set up like they do in Valheim like a wagon that when selected can attach to the player with a quick attach and unattach button like riding the horse. When equipped it could act as a large chest on wheels accessible to everybody for clan and PVP sake the players sprint could be halved so it’s still faster than walk but slower than sprint ect.

My assumption would be the wagon wouldn’t rag doll as it would be static and attached to the horse probably via saddle, or add a cart slot to the horses inventory it will essentially be a mobile chest, once unequipped from the horse as you said you could pull it with your character at the cost of speed, since it would most likely be heavy and full.

I don’t see what issues a wagon attached to a horse could present in PvP although It should not be accessible to everybody that isn’t in your clan.

I don’t do PVP I’m strictly PVE private servers and I would love more things like trailer, carriage ect and stuff implemented but I’m sure that PvP players would be unhappy with a player/victim having a quick store item chest close so they could store their s**t if they are close to losing. Other players can’t kill your thralls or pets unless certain requirements are met on their servers (or something like this again I don’t PVP ) and since they can’t steal your horse the next option for them is to kill your horse then you lose your horse and your stuff.

I’m a PvE player too but I still don’t get your point…

In PvP if you destroy something you get it, quick store or not, if you want in that chest and it’s locked DESTROY IT?, in PvP other players can destroy your thrall or pets anywhere?.. it’s literally PvP, someone wants you dead you’re going to lose your stuff regardless.

In PvE you have no such concern…

I understand I’m just pointing out that every thing implemented in pve affects pvp in someway shape or form and vice versa that’s why a lot of our suggestions are ignored or fall on deaf ears.

Iv asked for rafts many times and told it can’t be done yet I just subscribed to a mod 3 days ago that does implement just that. As for a carry chest on a pet I’m pretty sure that’s a thing with the elephants and the turian dlc ( can’t remember the full name sorry) but if it is then there must be a issue as to why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Treasures of Turan DLC that’s it

I think wagons would be a fun one though - and I am guessing planned either/and/or via Bazaar/Journey Rewards.

I agree, the final instalment for AoW will likely have something like this. Who knows?

I got that dlc, does that increase it or just purely cosmetic? haven’t really used Turan that much

Honestly never tried them my self I have the dlc but must’ve forgotten about those. Now I’m curious.
Edit: ok looked it up the turian rhino and elephant do seem to get extra carry slots it seems.

Thanks guess I could do that in the meantime, Although I hate taking animals out as they seem less effective than thralls :confused: