Horses , boats , transport

It’s probably been mentioned but it would be nice to see a stable to craft in inventory so we can use horses to travel around on plus maybe a cart for transporting heavy loot or just materials.
Also some sort of water transport on water a raft or small boat maybe even a fishing boat or galleon

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Considering what i have now is basically a settlement with a dock, im down for the water transports…
However, its been stated multiple times now (you may not have seen it which is fair) that as it stands they’d have to redo the whole map, because the map “chunks” are quite big and it causes render issues at faster speeds (i believe the problem is mostly on consoles, where you fall through the ground because it doesnt render fast enough)…
Anyone feel free to correct me here, because this is the very basic parts of how i remember the issues being ^^

Sorry to say this but it’s not going to happen.
Thats why Funcom is giving us if it works out the Pets.

Spookums nailed it for the horses. Although they could implement horses and not have them move faster then a player running but give the horses a higher stamina bar and slower usage so you could go farther with the horses. Boats would be interesting and I thought maybe some sort of glider although again gliders may cause rendering issues not sure.

I would be totally fine with any mode of transport who’s max speed is sprinting human to maintain game stability, if it doesn’t run out of stamina

Sadly (if memory serves, once again XD) i think Bylos once said that gliders would never happen…
Admittedly not too interested in “flying mounts” (so to speak), as much as i do want boats and land mounts…
Boats would be nice now, because of all the water down in the “deep” south, as stated for my own sake i basically have a small dock i could use. And i agree, land mounts like horses and camels or whatnot, could easily be done by just having them go at sprint speed or something…
Problem is, as far as i know, this’d still make issues on consoles… Pretty sure i heard talk of it, that at continous sprint speed console players would go through the floor again (not entirely sure here though)

Rafts that one could build a base on would be a special kind of dope.

It’s what got me into ARK in the first place.

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Horses and Camels cmon we cant have conan without camels and horses!

Ohhhh, that kind of thing would be cool as hell… Would definitely make a boat base XD

I’m down for the idea of a water craft of some small size. Something cheap to build, low durability, and ultimately expendable.

Although I love how your wish list went from small and doable to a ship of the line that wouldn’t even fit in the river. Lol. The draft of a galleon or any ship of the line is too deep. Hence why they were only sea fairing vessels and why longboats were used to go from ship to shore.

As for land mounts, I’m crossing my fingers it is a part of the pets update.

Indeed the map prob wouldn’t be appropriate for a huge ship atm like a galleon however the map could always be altered , ark did it a few times I’m sure the far right of the map could be extended for open seas and bigger vessels could be used there . Just an idea

Btw, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to make fun of your list. Just found it amusing how you jumped in size so fast.