Lets add Rafts!

Would be nice to have a raft. A raft is something easy but effective. It would aid in travel for areas with a lot of water.

  • Movement speed would only be that of walking but it allows you to move without animals or NPCs attacking you.

  • Made simply with twine and wood for the basic model. Can make better ones later in game.

  • Health depends on what it’s made of. Can be destroyed, dropping player/s riding it into the water.

  • Gives a new way to fight using water.


ive seen a floating boat (mod) so a raft should be possible :slight_smile: - whatever floats your boat :smiley: hehe

Could have a pulley platform on the surface of the water too, boats would be a great addition even in a very small scale to start. Best work the kinks out before trying to release larger boats and ships.

Seems relatively pointless given how little open water (ie, can’t swim across it in less than a minute) there is. I’m not against it, I just think there’s a million other things I’d rather see.

The devs have already said no to boats stating there isn’t enough large waterways for a valid travel. On a full server of 40 if everone is using one you would be seeing people all the time. If it was upgraded to boats yeah no I’ll stick to land I am not waiting in line on the lazy river.

I think if they have the slightest intention of investing into boats and ships they should start now with small row boats and related water crafts with the small waters we have. This helps them get data to know how to address anything they add on this on a larger scale.

Row boats and rafts now would be like having a horse in your front yard of rural home. It doesn’t work. There is so little water space that players would be bumping into one another all the time. How shallow is too shallow for boats? There is surprisingly even less water when you think on that one. It’s just not an applicable thing at this time.

Its always going to be a matter of whats more important for this game now, so while I agree at this time it isn’t a priority it should still be introduced at early stages when things start to level out. I think there is enough water for small row boats and rafts, but anything bigger would have no place currently with the limited bodies of water we have. Even row boats and rafts would have limited use outside of RP and maybe some faster travel over water to a base but atleast the function of a player interacting and using the water craft, making it, placing it down for use, etc could be explored and worked out.

It doesn’t need to be in the next update or even this year but if there are plans to eventually expand on the amount of water we have, given we already interact with 2 groups of pirates who had to of sailed open waters at some point, then I think it’d be wise to collect data on the existing waters before going full scale. Otherwise we may end up with boats that squeeze through water it shouldn’t and content becomes rather dull when its broken in appearance. This whole concept wouldn’t be complete without water creatures which we still don’t have so it’s something far fetched but I think it’d do a lot for the game as a DLC down the road.

Implementing water creatures first would be safer bet by far. Giving us new wildlife and testing their collision with land. Getting the results from that and applying the mechanics later.

Yeah thing like crocs or Komodo or NPCs can’t seem to swim and yet they can in real life.

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