Should there be boats?

i know that there aren’t that many bodies of water in the game but it gets pretty annoying when you have to swim for long distances through water. i also think boats should have two variants: one that is small and can be picked up, after placed, at any time but weighs a lot and there should be a bigger variant that can not be picked up after placed and enables players to build on them.


I’d love to see my pirate ships "come to life " and set sail on them , ( but I know I’m dreaming :stuck_out_tongue: )

Outside of maybe small fishing boats I can’t see much use for them, but then again I’m not very creative sometimes :sweat_smile:

   They should make modeled boat building pieces you can place evenly on the water with small interiors for aesthetic purposes in an update. I don't believe moving boats will be possible and there isn't much water so it should just be an aesthetic piece you can place things on.

I know game engine isnt set up for it… to use them the way a boat should be used.

I’d be happy with some row boat as placeable with some Dock-Section placables. Or even a small 1 mast ship to stick on river and look neat. XD

I think at Best, it would be like Ark, and Boat is really just a object that “sits” on water, but doesnt actaully do anything to water and just is attached to player. =/

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