Should there be boats?

i know that there aren’t that many bodies of water in the game but it gets pretty annoying when you have to swim for long distances through water. i also think boats should have two variants: one that is small and can be picked up, after placed, at any time but weighs a lot and there should be a bigger variant that can not be picked up after placed and enables players to build on them.


I’d love to see my pirate ships "come to life " and set sail on them , ( but I know I’m dreaming :stuck_out_tongue: )


Outside of maybe small fishing boats I can’t see much use for them, but then again I’m not very creative sometimes :sweat_smile:

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   They should make modeled boat building pieces you can place evenly on the water with small interiors for aesthetic purposes in an update. I don't believe moving boats will be possible and there isn't much water so it should just be an aesthetic piece you can place things on.

I know game engine isnt set up for it… to use them the way a boat should be used.

I’d be happy with some row boat as placeable with some Dock-Section placables. Or even a small 1 mast ship to stick on river and look neat. XD

I think at Best, it would be like Ark, and Boat is really just a object that “sits” on water, but doesnt actaully do anything to water and just is attached to player. =/

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nice idea!

maybe even place a ferry? like elevators, from one side of a river to the other?

would love to be able to cross waters faster or to travel along them. guess, it might be a bit complicated to implement, with animation for rowing and stuff. … if so, I’d love to have a boat just as non-functional placements like those small carts …

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Yes it’s a good idea, But the map does not have many rivers…

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Thats what i thought,
the problem also would be the connection of river paths,
too few spots to use the boats…

but still, not bad idea should making an fix-small-boat-size,
to people travel fast on waters, but considering the map,
this small boat should be SMALL, otherwise people will trash all the waters with enormous boats, like they all do on all servers regarding buildings (they love so much to build, LOL)

would be an good idea if it was an
small fishing boat, like he said there, and if we could travel with him also,
faster than swimming obviously…

When I ride a low level horse, I feel like I’m on a boat - just saying. :sweat_smile:

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The boats is not a bad idea, i hope there will be

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