Mounts and ships?

Any chance of adding mounts and ships? Would be neat to have a boat (longship or little row boat/sail boat) to sail up the newbie river into that huge jungle as a raider, also camels and horses and elephants as mounts would be great to help break of the running.

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This would be great. what if we got a new region that was open water but had a good amount of tropical islands for sailing and piracy/raiding?
Ground animals like camels, horses and elephants i think would be great for travel, war and even as pack animals (carrying more equipment like the pack thrall)



Mounts have been tested but not gonna happen. Ships would be awesome though

Why are mounts not gonna happen?

I would like to have a longship so I can sail down to the jungle, raid, and sail back to my base.

Due to issues with how the map was rendered mounts cannot work this has been talked about in about 100 threads and in depthly explained

Simple canoe or raft would be stylish for the waterways

I’ve heard of that where the map wouldn’t render fast enough and they’d fall through it due to them moving faster than a person on foot at full sprint, but wouldn’t the simple solution be that mounts just don’t move faster than a player running at full sprint… (With the benefits being that you can use them to carry more stuff, and you don’t use stamina to sprint while riding them…)

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Hard to say I’m sure in some ways it would work but it would mean introducing a whole new system because how will mounts interact with enemies and with cliffs(can they climb like you)
Will mounts have to be tamed? Can the be killed? What happens to bearer thralls? these need answers and need to be designed to fit both game play and the fantasy side for RP. Due to so many issues and questions along with implementation issues I highly doubtful his will be a feature and if it does become one it won’t be in the near future.

I’d imagine mounts wouldn’t be able to climb, though they should be able to swim at least… I’d say yes they should be kill-able, though like thralls they should also be able to be armored to increase survival odds. I’d also like to suggest that some of the larger mounts can be slotted with thralls to make them more effective in combat. (Like a fully armored war elephant carrying two-three archers for example…)

Great Ideas here.

A Mount would technically work.

If a Person moves at 50% speed while walking, and 100% while running, a mount should be able to move ~150% or lower without falling through the map. Even if the mounts only moved at 100% speed with a 30% stamina reduction that would be amazing.

Taming/Breaking a mount shouldn’t be available till the late lvl 40’s as well…

Mounts should allow the player to carry more weight (not carry their own without a saddle bag type of equipment)

In all it would work would just need to be tweaked a bit.

I would be happy if mounts just traveled at player sprint speed without using stamina. Still have to dismount for combat. It would make crossing the map without fast travel more convenient.

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I figure if we want to further balance this, we could still attack while mounted, but weapon reach would be a big factor in how effective your odds of damaging players are… (Basically it will be next to impossible to stab someone with a dagger while mounted, where a spear would be a far more effective choice… )

I also figure dodge/roll should be replaced with the animals attack while mounted, perhaps with a secondary attack replacing jump should the animal not be known for jumping…

I figure we’d also tweak some of the larger two handed weapons with a chance to forcefully knock the player off of their mount if you land a good heavy blow with them… (So a guy on foot with a spear or great sword could knock you off with a good solid hit from his heavy attack)

I also think that while we should be able to damage players by running them over with a mount their turning wouldn’t be as effective ensuring that if you want to trample other players getting some buddies together to form a proper Calvary line would be the best way to go on that front, otherwise you risk players flanking you and knocking you off your mount should they dodge your charge as you struggle to turn around.

I also figure any explosion damage should also dismount you… (So for instance if you run over a land mine you will be thrown from your steed by the force of the blast… Possibly one shotting your mount if it’s one of the weaker ones…)