Cattles and domestic animals


Another sugestion is to add Cattles and domestic tamed animals , like cows, and pehraps goats to herd , bring around to herd, get milk , make cheese or get pelts and food…


Already planned as a possibility in the future.


Cool , where I can rad all planned future features?


You have to dig through a lot of the old dev journals as the info is pretty scattered. A short list off the top of my head though is pets/livestock, settlement management and sorcery. Mounts have been talked about since the beginning but we recently learned that the system was never intended to accommodate them and it would be nearly impossible to implement them at this stage.


I read that mounts are still a thing as is the n1 most wanted feature, honestly it sounds like an excuse to not implement them , even if aren’t considerably faster than the fastest enemy I don’t get yet what’s the problem , at least you can fight on top of an animal and load it with armor or more gear.


I don’t quite understand the mount thing. Lets remember that Conan Exiles is using the same engine as Ark, which basically is a game based on mounts. They either don’t know how to do it, or simply don’t want to do it. It’s definitely not that they can’t do it.


Plus there are already horses in game … have you seen the ghosts? They just need to make them available .