We need Horses!

I bet you came in here thinking this was a mount post. Well you are wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see some horses roaming the highlands, along with colts and fillies to be taken and raised as pets to accompany you.

A horse could have some decent attacking animations, such as rearing and smashing with it’s front hooves, etc.

Secondly, up in the far north, we could have miniature horses. The shaggy ponies that are smaller and sturdier, built for harsh winter climates.

No, this isn’t leading up to being able to have mounts once horses are in the game. I personally don’t care about mounts. Movement speed is fine in the game and it’s not that difficult to get around on foot.

I just want more pets. :slight_smile:


Yeah, some horses as NPCs/mobs would be nice.


Ahhh, you silly duck, you got me with that title! I was readying up my link to mounts being cancelled!

I agree with your actual post though. I always want more animals, more pets, and more new creatures to see in the wild.

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Bahaha. That’s why I wrote it like that. xD

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it would be nice. They could have a skin that would make them to be carrier like the new elephant and rinho skin from the Turan DLC. Maybe a dunkey variant.

Maybe we could have a unicorn skin as well… a wild dark badass one, not the sparkly kind…

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A dark terrifying unicorn would probably fit into the Conan world easily enough. We’ve got undead, dragons, and the like.

And yeah, base horses, with a skin to apply for a packhorse.

I’d be happy with just large horses and the shaggy mountain ponies. But donkeys would be nice.

Though inevitably, on multiplayer games, having a pet donkey would lead to the kiss my ■■■ comments.

Maybe you need to actually read the post, instead of making assumptions?

Go on, we’ll give you time to really sit and pay attention to what was written.


I agree, a little more wildlife would be great, there seems to be a lot of just vacant land with nothing there,and seeing them run across the plains or low lands in a herd would be friggin awesome or having a donkey as a pack animal would be great, it would also be cool if you got caught in their path and took damage as they ran over you, lol.

You wouldn’t be able to have a high running speed. That’s one of the reasons we can’t have mounts.

But I think it wouldn’t be far-fetched to have them move at about the same sprinting speed as humans, if they run at all. Maybe slightly slower.

More pets is the important thing.

Mounts like Age of Conan Unchained would be great.

For probably the hundred thousand time as posted here on the forums, mounts are indefinitely canceled.

Horses do not always mean mounts. In this instance, they are simply pets to accompany you for visual appeal.


I jonestly dont know why they don’t have like polar bears and why Lions are not a thing when there is a mini boss that you can kill i would really hope they expand and give us more pets.

White bears in the north would be a damned nice addition. Then you can get a tribal white fur armor look.

And a new Darfari headpiece with a black lion mane surrounding your head.


No one said they wanted mounts in the post. He wants more wildlife. No dev has ever said more wildlife is not happening :wink:

If nothing else, this is a good way to see who on the forums reads a title and jumps in to respond, without actually reading the thread.


Very true.

LOL @ how some don’t read the original post, just get triggered by troll title…too funny! :smiley:

Yep, that’s why I wrote it like that.

It was a good suggestion + fish bait all in one.


Wait I thought you were talking about horses? Where did the fish come from? I’m confused. :crazy_face:

It was a suggestion to add seahorses into the game to go with the new underwater expansion, obviously. As anyone who hasn’t read the OP can tell you, mounts are not going to be added into the game, so there will be only small seahorses, not big enough to ride.