Homesteading in Exile Lands!


I know not many people will agree but I think it’d be a cool idea to add some more farming and ranching aspects. Maybe have a heard of goats or some gazelle. Any other input on this topic would be great thanks!


This was going to be part of the “City” system that was planned, but ultimately scrapped due to the necessity to revamp the combat system. It MAY be relooked at at sometime after launch, but don’t hold your breath.


I hope it does!
I would love to club some wolves or hyenas and drag them back to some animal cage where they get domisticated by some slavers and stay in there until I can place them somewhere and have them produce stuff or guard my garden or something.

As for farming… I hope for more stuff to come. Currenty I grow aloe and berries all the time…


One of Derketo’s specialties is “fertility”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave religious buffs to animal rearing.


You mean wolf and hyena cubs for raising purposes? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:I’d love that option too.
Or baby rhinos… so when they grow up they can be our mounts even… :smiley:

edit: also don’t forget ostridges or jungle birds eggs… so when they raised they can be slain for feathers. :smiley:


I endorse this idea too, of course.