Would anyone else enjoy Farming?

I absolutely think farming would be a neat feature to keep us coming back. It doesnt have to be large scale cows and chickens (though i would love that…)
It can be small, like a simple patch of veggies for new cooking recipes.

We could even have goats be tamable for milk, ostriches or shoebills having a coop for eggs… you name it.

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Farmville, Conan Exile Edition? Maybe… I know some of the players on my server would like baby animal that stay baby and cats, they wants cats. Having creature tamed to get eggs and other items useful for cooking and recipe, yes, this could be nice :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind options that yielded sustained meats and things like spice.

Yes I enjoy farming. Give me a good old potatoes any old day lol

There is a number of plants you can put in the grinder to produce spice. All of them can be grown in a planter.

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I think there’s room for bit of farming, not too much though, lest we all become civilized.

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Yes yes that was my biggest concern haha but ! Working in what we already have doesnt seem farfetched(like the goats and such), new cooking recipes with veggies could be nice since we can stack potions and food buffs haha

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