Agriculture And Trade

I believe that the game needs more agriculture, not only to plant seeds in pots, but to be able to plant on land. It could have a structure that is a farm that would have the operation similar to the pot but need to stay n land and with the possibility of putting a thrall farmer to take care of the land and produce food, being able to add new types of food like corn, wheat , etc. Of course, consequently increasing the amount of food recipes.
With this we could expand the roleplay of the game, being able to have special players in production and foods that exchange their merchandise for slaves, minerals, etc …
An exchange screen without having to throw the items on the floor would also “drop” very well xD.


Definitely need this.

Also personal farm plots to hold 2-3 plants each, that you personally tend to. With plants that are ever-bearing. Stuff that once you harvest, it grows again. Like strawberries, corn or melons do in the real world.

You could have the yield related to using compost. So if you maintain the compost, and possibly keeping them watered, you get a much better yield of food.


I too wish there were many more options for roleplay in base game


More crops and larger scale farming would be great.


I’d be happy if I could get seeds to replant my crops from for sustainable farming…


Two of my most wanted features for this game. Yes please!


Oh now this is interesting higher tiers of these plots could have a form of irrigation to nkae upgrades more worthwhile

It’s a survival game. Farming goes against the survival part of the game.

i want a trading station where i can sell my stuff for specific items

A survival game would benefit from farming. Farming is based on survivalism. However, it is a form of slow survival albeit firm. Slow enough method isn’t necessarily embraced. Then again in case farming proved to be useful enough, it would balance the pace a bit and let some players have time to establish better defenses while raiders focus on others.

Raiders need food as well so food could be tweaked further (in case necessary), to play a bigger part thorough farming, which -might- alter the game more to the favour of the defending players. Raiding players are okay with just raiding. It’s the source of their satisfaction. Triumph on the battlefield demands their effort, but fruit is witnessed thorough the ruins of enemies. In essence their base, even though important part of the equation, is not the one that is in their mind on the battlefield. In case their own base falls, they simply begin anew coz the faster they get back on their feet the faster they can resume raiding.

Balance is what makes the game fun and balance is gained thorough careful design.


Also the more processing power and servers we have with the aid of the algorithm, the bigger the chance of not encountering raiders is. This can falter only if the ratio of raiders becomes greater than the rest is, combined.

but its not that mutch off a surviarl game after lv 6-10

Farming isn’t against the survival parts of the game.

You need food to survive. That’s basic.

And ideally, you cannot survive just by eating meat. You’d end up with scurvy, first off. Which causes wounds to reopen easily. You’d also probably be constipated 24/7.

So some sort of farming -has- to take place in the Exiled Lands. You need that for things like bread and to have more access to fruits or vegetables. Getting them in the wild is not a viable alternative.

In terms of spirit, Conan may be the hack and slash, blood and guts Rambo-style of game.

But there is literally no reason at all that the Exiles can’t try and grow their own food.

From a military standpoint, it makes more sense anyways. Why devote time to having to send people out to scavenge for fruits/nuts and whatever edible plants you can find, when you can grow your own, spend a short time watering and tending to them, in the security of your own walls.

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Not to mention it would be another thing raiders/purges could be attacking you for… (Pretty sure Barbarians didn’t raid towns just for women and gold, but food and medicines too…)

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@Minnion and @Crysis I would very much like to lend my support to you calls for fruit trees. I put in a request for this back in my second suggestions list, and so did another player named Wolfbane. And as you can see from the links, the idea was well recieved in both threads:

As I state there within, much like berry bushes, it would be nice to have a number of harvestable fruit trees and bushes scattered around the map. Think of the possibilities. We could have a variety according to the biome. For example, prickly pears in the Desert, coconuts or bannanas in the Jungle. A step further? Maybe something cool and unusual in the Volcano, and perhaps even something downright dark and tainted in the Unnamed City. And of course it would be even better again if we were able to gather seeds and plant them at our bases.

And of course you are absolutely right here Crysis. Our player is stuck in the Exiled Lands for the time being. As with real life, it is more practical from a survival sense to produce a sustainable, renewable source of food rather than try to go and catch it day, after day, after day. That is why human society evolved from a hunter gatherer system to a fixed settlement system. Its real life success is there for all to behold.


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