I want to eat fruits

I want to see fruits in the lands like apples orange and mangos
I want a ram for a pet.
Palm trees with coconuts.


i agree. we have very tropical areas in the east noob river or in set city. Where are the low hanging fruit? Oh wait i am a US player on PS4, there are no low hanging fruit :slight_smile:


YES! Wolfbane I was on the verge of raising this very suggestion in my upcoming list. So rest assured this one will be heard of often enough. There are different possibilities for fruits in each biome too. Its another small reason for us to get out there and keep explore. Well done friend.

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Tenacious D ate it. If you know what I mean.

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I also like to see coconuts from trees and figs. I could do with some glowing gloop seeds.


I agree it would be possible to farm fruits

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