Is there any fruit in the game?

I didn’t see any fruit when I climbed up the tree?


There’s an abundance of bananas, grapes and oranges… though perhaps not in the sense you mean.

Sorry, I’ll show myself out.


It’s hard to see fruit at the beginning of the game

It would be interesting to climb trees and find fruits :smile_cat:

A little less :thinking:

Fruit types :thinking:


There may be something wrong with my translation

Nice to meet you Liaorui. I support your call for some Fruit. In fact I quite recently made a thread on this very topic which was very popular (see below) if you would like to support it. The best thing about the potential addition of Fruit Trees is their posdibilities. They could grow all around the Map, which would encourage us to go out and explore in search of them. AND if they gsve seeds, that is more decorations and renewable foods for the house which we can grow in our Planters. Even a handful of different ones would be sooo nice.

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