Add fruit trees?

Can we please get fruit trees to eat from in Conan Exiles? There are types for all kinds of biomes that would make a good addition to the game.


I have never forgotten about this one either Bodin. It would be such a nice touch; more options for the Planters, more unique cooking recipes can be devised based around the produce, and more decorations for our bases. It is an array of positives and no negatives. And if the number of ‘likes’ and votes in the previous thread (below) is any indicator, then the support is resounding. Funcom please consider this. And thankyou Bodin for renewing the call friend.


even though it would be nice (especially from pve perspective) , i d prefer to adjust food system in a way that there is a reason to get a variety of foods… cause as the system is now , adding fruits seems to me like a cosmetic only thing

I genuinely do hate to say it Ragnaguard but I have my doubts that will happen. While I would like to see the food system become more meaningful as you suggested, it is now heading in the opposite direction, with all but a handful of the most intricate foods now rendered pointless by the food nerfs which accompanied the new healing system. Now most foods are simply a timer offset for for the hunger meter. Nonetheless, Fruit Trees could still bring some RP value, some much needed additional options for planters, and serve as some additional decorations/placeables.

Cosmetic or functional, I woulnd’t mind a ‘nature’ dlc/patch.

Give us a “Bounty of Ishtar” update or something that includes trees, bushes, garden or agriculture placeables of some sort and i’d be very happy :smiley:

We have a very robust building system in CE and I love tinkering with it, but it’s lacking when it comes to greenery.


I would seriously throw cash at that right now if I could.



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