New foods for Conan

So, I saw someone post on facebook that there are limited options for food if you want to play as a vegan or vegetarian. Looking at the wiki page, there is very little to eat that doesn’t include some meat. You are basically reduced to seeds, the different breads, the different gruels, and the different berries. So that got me thinking about other foods to add.

I would like to see some fruits and/or vegetables added to the game. More for variety than anything else. I also wouldn’t mind the ability to have a cow or goat to provide milk, so you can make cheese. More food recipes is always fun.

What do you think?


I remember fondly, in many of the E.H stories where Conan feasted on his Salad after a triumphant battle. Usually with an IPA craft ale.

All kidding aside.

I am fine with cheese. Perhaps with the Vendhyan DLC. They didn’t eat much meat.


As a chef, I always love the concept of cuisine in games. With the history of Conan, and the civilizations which the regions are based - there is a rich history of vegetarian cuisine to be found.

Yeah… crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their lemons.

I would like more food recipes in general though.

Kill all menz, just no henz…

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I agree Adam006, and have called for some Fruit Trees to be added to Conan Exiles. The thread is closed now, however you are welcome to have a read through it and vote/‘like’ if you wish.

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I would totally make a fruit farm… endless rows of pears and apples, strawberries and grapes… but dont you dare say tomatoes. Those are vegetables.

Fruit trees.

But even something more simple like a berry/nut mixture.

Hell, I’m surprised by a lot of things not added food wise, that would be/should be - especially considering the designs of some of the armors and their influences. Then again, food may not be a huge priority for Funcom, but having it adds a sense of realism to the game.

So why not have more realist cuisines to the menu that fit the times - and the people of the eras.

I’d like to see the the Gladiator Drink added at some point, which often times was a combination of 2-3 ingredients. Water and plant ash. Or vinegar and plant ash, or a mixture of the three. (Roman citizens often referred to gladiators as “hordearii” or “barely eaters” in response to their diet, which often times was heavily vegetarian.)

Barley. And there was plenty of it. :smiley:

Well we certainly have plenty of water and ash we can use. :wink:

I would also like to see some plantable Barley (and Wheat) added to the game. In fact some more farming and agriculture in general. Good real life survival isnt just about hunting and gathering; it is about creating renewable food sources.

Food planted in the ground rather than a planter would be nice too.

I would also like to be able to plant food in the ground. Perhaps some fertile soil ‘foundations’ which we can lay, and would subsequently allow us to plant plants on them.


This is a great idea. I love this idea.

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