Plantable mushrooms

Since mushrooms are scattered in different areas of the map it would be nice to have some type of mushroom spores that you can use and grow them like other plants. In the real world we can grow mushrooms, would be nice to have that opportunity in the game too.


True. An entire farm mechanic game loop with a Settlement patch would be great. Not just mushrooms, but all kinds of growing plants (for food and alchemical recipes) similar to the planters, but with larger “trays” and “foundation fields.” And fruit trees and orchards.


Fruit trees. For the love of Crom, FRUIT TREES.


Na you cant have everything im one spot, need to have areason to need several bases spec now whit the maproom bugg when you can drag thrall in them.

This has been requested several times previously, and I support it every as much bit now as I did in the past. +1 from me Hordrak. I also feel now as I did in the past, that it would also be nice if we could gather seeds/a cutting, or whatever from Glowin Goop and grow it in the Planters also. After all we can already grow Orange Phykos in a planter out of water, and neither Mushrooms nor Glowing Goop produce anything overpowered or detrimental to others, so I say yay.

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Yeah I agree Bodin. I would love to see the agricultural aspect of this game be improved upon. The ability to grow wheat and some other crops.

Im with you TimeLord75, and you too Bodin. I creted a thread/poll calling for some Fruit Trees to be added to Conan Exiles a while ago now (see below). It was overwhelmingly well recieved. It provides some opportunities for new base foods, more Specialist Cooking recipes, more options for base decoration, and more uses for Planters. Hopefully we will one day see Fruit Trees flourish in Conan Exiles.


Oh, there is one more thing that comes to mind - Farming thralls. Lets say when growing your plants you have a 10% base chance to get seeds. A T1 thrall ups that chance to 30%, a T2 - to 60%, a T3 to 80% and a T4 gives 100% of getting seeds.

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