Can we expect any update regarding farming?

I remember the time when posts were answered and dealt with here. Maybe they stopped enjoying it or they don’t want to listen to suggestions because they have their own ideas, I don’t know. But there is always a chance :smiley:

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You can get seeds from the flowers.

Use a dryer, you get 1 seed for every 3 plants. 1 seed planted equals 5 plants, so net gain is 66% (+2 plants).


My guess is that developers engaging in public discussions just never ends well. The devs just get dirt thrown at them for bugs, unfulfilled promises, favoring a particular playstyle, etc., so whatever constructive dialogue they sought would drown under a deluge of “passionate” players.

But they read the forums and listen to feedback. Consider horses, for example. They had already determined in-house that riding would be technically too difficult to do properly, so they had abandoned the idea. But it was such a popular request that they went out of their way to find a solution, and now we have horses. Whether we like them or not, we made it happen.

Not to mention just about every “balance update” made at the “request” of the PvP community.


Exactly this. My blame on this one is that I am so excited to see them reply that I ain’t going to just pass it through with just a heart. So maybe I am not responsible for the above, I never rant on them, yet my behavior is unnecessary and may be annoying too. I apologize

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Did you even read my post or did you ignore it and just write what you wanted? :smiley: Because it is mentioned there, even the amount in which those flowers / seeds are produced

Not really into reading long posts. I skim them mostly. But it is still a viable opti9n. Now i would not be againsta T3 “station” where you make crop field ( the width of a fence maybe?) that does the same but on a larger scale than planters.

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Might be late on an update here… can any alchemist make oil now? I still go for the darfari witch doctor on every run for my oily needz.

T3 or above.

It has actually been raised on a number of occasions previously @fenix_svk, although the requests have been fairly sporadic, and can be little tricky to unearth. But nonetheless it does not hurt to ask again now and then periodically if done politely and consteuctively, which I feel that you most certainly were. As such, I would like to think that other members would not be unkind to you.

I am glad that we are in such strong agreement, it would make for such a wonderful update. I am not sure that it is so much that the developers do not want to do it, but I just have a suspicion that they are more focused on trying to fry bigger fish. But I still don’t want to give up on trying to sell the merits and simple joys of this idea to them. And in all likelihood, I won’t. :yum:

Stelagel my dear old friend, warm regards to you too my dude!


I wholeheartedy agree with your post. Especially in regard to the fruit trees. I know that I have tried twice now to drum up support them, and @Bodin did once also. And we can see in the our two respective threads below, the support in favor of them was overwhelmingly positive, even almost unanimous! Even if we reskinned some of the existing flora such as the grey lupine and false mandrake trees.

Survival is not just about picking up sticks and eating handfuls of insects, that is a scavenger mindset. It is about creating a sustainable and renewable source of food and water.

Oh absolutely! I also enjoy the quiet days on the base performing routine tasks. And that task diversity is part of what makes this game so enthralling, addictive and downright enjoyable. One day we are doing odd jobs around the base, the next we are slaying monstrous formidable creatures, building palaces, conversing with friends, or venturing across a steamy jungle or warm desert sands. Man I love this game.

Yup. I know I will be buying the Battle Pass as soon as it is released, and as much as I can on the Black Lotus Bazzare too.



No objections here. I suppose it all kinda depends on how the developers would implement it, they don’t seem to be happy with the ‘passive’ kind of farming, hence the fish-traps nerf.

I will say, yes Conan is a survival game, but survival doesn’t just mean combat, in fact human civilization itself arguably began when the smart ones began to figure out agriculture.
Something that ties in quite nicely in the time of Conan, I personally think.

As long as no-one is ‘forced’ to do it, then those who just want to fight, can, and those of us who want to farm on the side (or even full time) can do so.

On a side-note, I always found the simple fishing mechanic quite fun in minecraft, I wouldn’t be against something similar here (in between pillaging and conquering of course, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Agreed – I’d like to see a rebalance of the feats.

1-19 Stone tools and scavenging (bedrolls, tents), berries & fruit trees
20-39 Sandstone, Iron (20s), and Steel (30s) tools
40-59 Stonebrick, Hardened Steel (40s), Star metal (50s), Obsidian & Black Ice (55+) tools
60 Tier 3, Legendaries, Black Blood tools, Epic armors

The last time I remember ended up in a collection of silly farming-related puns but otherwise failed to bear fruit.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this, but the current improved planters are supposed to grow more plants at a time.

They aren’t working as intended, but this is a known issue.

Maybe 3.0? :crossed_fingers:

hmmm, we have not used mods in any game. is it authorized? if so, where do i find the dl for xbox s? tia-thx in advance :dragon: :nail_care:t5:

def would enjoy a gardening update!!! :dragon: :nail_care:t5:

I would be happy with just some placeable trees, but to have a Conan version of a greenhouse would be awesome. I would love to walk into a building or base and it look like a tropical rainforest. Not only would it look good, but be very useful.

aka 2 versions

Aloe in slot one, Aloe in Slot 2, and Aloe in Slot 3. Thats 3 seeds growing at once. Yeilding more per time, and visually looking different.

Or Abiltiy to Aloe Slot 1, Grey Slot 2, Lotcus Slot 3.
And again, looking Visually different from single planters.

To me, Long dirt pile or Bow with 3 to 6 planters to grow “food” or planets in general would be great.

I don’t mind single potters. I think for me, being able set up Dirt piles that are growing 3-6 planets out in yard and not my patio would be better looking. Like I have a actual farm going on.

I like the hunter/gatherer theme. It fits well with the lore.
Hard pass on farming and animal domestication, thanks.

Only if you make it one. If you design it that you only have to put your lifestock in a pen and you are done, yes then it would be a passive farming system. But the minute you need to go out and find ressources in the world to keep your farm working properly then it becomes a meaningfull addition to the game.

For example: you want to keep boars then you need cooked potatoes, herbs, maybe other vegetables. Some you can grow in your garden, some you have to find in the wild, like the herbs. So in order to feed your boars you have to get this ressources. You have to farm and then cook the potatoes and find the herbs in the wild. Your boars also need water and you need to repair their fence every so often. You need to get or craft the ressources to do so. You need to clean the pen regularly or brew some medicine when they get sick. There is a lot that Funcom could implement to make an active farming and breeding system.

It would also be a great option for the bazar since you can offer new pen variations, animal looks, fences and other decorational items, emotes etc.

Its one of peoples most wanted features. It already was when the first farming mods for Conan Exiles came out. Emberlights mod is based on several mods that where very popular back then but later on got abandoned by their creators.