Gardening / Farming suggestion :D

Hello again everyone, its time for another suggestion by your friendly community member me ^_^.

So I find it quite irritable and I find myself wondering why farming / gardening is something in this game when it isn’t self sufficient which is the biggest perk of doing it. Why does a player plant seeds get the plant but get no seeds back. Its kinda of frustrating when for you to continue to garden you gotta go out and secure more seeds when you can just mass farm plants with a sickle. I have barely touched it but i don’t see a lot of great benefits coming out of this profession.

So I have two idea’s on the top of my head that could fix this solution without being game breaking. For every plant you farm you gain one seed and the plant itself that sprouted from said seed. Or just for extra steps / work. For every plant you put through the grinder you gain two seeds in return. Thus making the farming / gardening profession in this game self sufficient.

What do you guys think? Should such a change happen? Would it be beneficial or bad? Or perhaps you guys have even a better idea? Discuss down below :slight_smile:

TLDR: Need seeds to come from planting / farming in this game.


Good idea. I heard this before i guess. I dont remember but few weeks ago someone mention it. Farming should give seeds.

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It does seem like a good idea - but, from experience using mods that do this, it winds up highlighting the comparative futility of farming in this game anyway. Even with the farming being self-sustaining, it just doesn’t really produce anything that you need, or at least that was what I found each time. Everything that I could grow could be harvested so easily in such large quantities that, by the time I could start growing stuff, I already had all that I needed - with the possible exception of Grey Lotus, since that’s hard enough to get that it’s worth growing - if you’re going the potions route instead of fish (but fish is generally easier…).

Farming does still have decorative value, and maybe in some specific cases (or bases) it could just about become useful. I’d certainly be in favour of it being made self-sustaining - but I feel like it’s going to need more of an overhaul than that before it really feels ‘useful’.


Your concerns is one of the exact reasons why we should have this. Farming doesn’t have high end game value, you can go throughout the game and come out on top and never once need to plant any seeds unless you want to do the quest / journey. Farming has almost 0 value but purely decorative reasons. So with something so unimportant why isn’t it even self sustaining, why have it in the game at all? More things will continue to be added in the game and one day farming will be very important but when the time comes wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t so frustrating?


If you are on PC the mod Emberlight has sustainable farming.


I would love to be able to make fields and send thralls to work on them. One could do so much, consider water channels, rice and cereals, turning the earth with a plow and a yak etc :slight_smile: at least my heart as role player and the premise/trope of cultivating the land (survive build dominate) would love that.

I mean look at the honey, as the opener post suggested, this work field should be sustainable, and even more effective since more work and crafting is required (stove/bakery, grinder/mill etc), stable, tools, ground.


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