Harvesting seeds from our own gardens!

I love the game so far, but still certain things just make no sense, as if they just haven’t been thought of yet. Coming from 7 Days to Die, and Ark. I assumed adding a gardening/crop harvesting aspect to Conan would have included the ability to harvest seeds from our own crops. Really, why is this NOT already a thing? If we can grow our own crops, why do these crops NOT drop seeds along, or even allow us to craft seeds from the crops. This seems a very simple thing to add/change in an upcoming update without having to change the whole game. Simply this: Go out in the world to harvest seeds and plants. Bring the seeds back, plant them. Grow them and with your harvest, u may either keep the plants or break them down into/craft them into seeds. Basically the same as 7D2D and MC.

And, lastly! SIMPLE FRAMED GLASS WINDOWS! We are in the age of glass making. We can make glass flasks, and plate glass by the image but we aren’t intelligent enough to figure out how to frame the plate glass? Lol. I think it should’ve been added into the base game for all platforms long ago. Even if u added it in a new dlc/structure pack, if not the base game. I would LOVE to see an amazing greenhouse with a gardening bench to craft your plants into seeds. Surrounded by beautiful plate glass windows. Why is this NOT already a thing in game without mods? I thank you for your time and consideration, and hope to hear some positive feedback in return. It would be amazing to see this in game sometime soon. Thank you again…


To be fair, this game doesn’t make you run around picking up poop. So that’s a bonus.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a new crafter implemented for the new map. Maybe two new crafters. One for gardening, and one for tending to animals. The gardener could increase yield. The animal tender could decrease the time of taming, and increase the probability of a greater animal, even if only by a small amount. He could also increase the amount of resources you get from animals. Like Gold from the Rocknoses.

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I totaly agree to let seeds give seeds too. A few days ago, I made a post on sexuality of bees and flowers in this game.

I agree on the seeds… depending on where is your base , you can have a lot of ground to cover for very mundane things like leavening agent or aloe and its not really worth to go too far just to get more of those just because you can farm for a bit more but can’t really get seeds back to repeat the process… it kinda defeats the purpose of agriculture.

Tottaly covered me, thank you :+1:. About the poster now, i would like to inform him that the technique of flask of this age didn’t allow Crystal visibility. It was a crystal vehicle, but not crystal clear. Yet again the windows were really small, with iron bars. They didn’t create windows for visibility, but for clean air circulation and that was the reason they were really high from the ground. In Rhodes we have a castle that has 2400 years old life, the glasses on the windows were added way later.

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