Farm and Forestry Foundation blocks

I do like the planters, but I’d love some good old outdoor farming and forestry. Make foundation tiles that look like fresh tilled soil. Plant veggies, grains, tree sprouts, etc. When harvesting, you get the appropriate materials. Replanting options? Maybe get a seed from each foundation when harvested, or maybe it reseeds itself over time, much like the current trees and bushes, but on a much slower timer. Seeds or sprouts could be harvested in the wild. High percentage chance of getting the type of the bush or tree you are harvesting, with a random chance of other seed types.

Live in the desert and make your own oasis! Think of the landscaping architecture work that could be done.


I’ve often wished for the very same thing.

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Awesome idea, could place a plowed/tilled garden of sorts, would love this option. Good idea!

Another game I play is Wurm Online (for he last 8 years or so) and it is the most sandbox of them all. Sadly it is way behind in graphics and the fighting mechanics are the worst.

What it does have is insanely great crafting, teraforming and gardening/forestry. To go along with it, they have a cooking system that allows for well over 100,000 different recipes of food and drink. I think having more options in this area would be a big draw for the many people that just don’t want to constantly cook with meat.

This would be a pretty nice feature
I’d like to be able to have trees in certain places throughout the little town I’ve built in the oasis just to make it feel a bit more… alive

Even when I tried building under the guidelines that i wouldn’t remove or build over anything that could be avoided the patch of land I built on still ended up relatively barren unfortunately…

So being able to specifically place trees or plants would be a nice addition, I tried the planters before but they didn’t really have the effect I was looking for, that being having a row of flowers on either side of the main path to the little castle/palace i built from the town where my thralls live and work, something I’d like to try again now with Aquilonian buildings and statues…


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