Some new things that i would like to see

1st some building stuff
log post walls like in new asgarth
Maybe earth based foundation blocks with grass on them so we can make celtic hillforts.

2nd some Crop foundations
These would work just like foundations / planters so we can have farm land and maybe a farmer thrall to go with it.



It shouldn’t be hard especially if it’s in game already right? I like the grass stone blocks too.

just awesome! Add in a windmill and you could make grains for your thralls, yourself and/or pets! Plus some pets coming up could graze off your farmland

This will be in the new mod from Asghaard. It’s still under development. It is a buildable mill. The player only has to place the inner mechanic and has to build the mill with existing building tiles.

The wheels of this inner mechanics are moving and making sound.



Pretty sweet, wow!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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