Couple of ideas, nothing crazy here

Hey just off the top of my head had a couple things pop up while building that would be nice to add.

  1. Inverted stairs. You guys have the corners which is already a huge positive, but could we possibly get inverted stairs for inside corners? Kinda like the roofs you have already.

  2. Add the strip hide recipes to the improved armorsmith stations. Had to make some regular ones just to keep that very useful recipe.

  3. Add the campfire recipes to the stove. I have to have a bunch of different cooking stations jumble together to do things like melt ice, when a stove would reasonably be able to do so.

  4. The option to place beds without updating your spawn every single time. Im not suggesting bedrolls, or do (thats your call) but on a PvE server i am trying to build a barracks and the updated message every time i place a bed just gets old haha.

  5. Craftable trees in the planters. Nothing too big, but someting of a larger size would be great. Or just a way to replant trees as Deco.

  6. Chandeliers. You have that great large table recipe, a large hanging chandelier would be great. With the Nordhiem, you could do a great looking stag one even.

  7. Hanging tapestries, as in from the ceiling instead of just the wall. Some of my roofs have large vaulting ceilings and some hanging banners would fill that up greatly.

  8. Pool/Fountains of a larger scale. Something just the size of the large well, a bit on the lavish side, would be perfect. If im gonna be king of that forsaken land, daddy wants to splishy splash.

  9. Vendor carts or something similar, just something so we could set up market looking stalls.

  10. Wooden fences (or metal) 1 wall in height, and stackable. Just something so we could build like cage walls into our building. Prisons could be built from this, or just slave pens for the thralls.

  11. More options for witch fire. I think you guys really knocked it out the park with what you have, its a great difference from the norm. I would really like to see more done with it though. Like large bonfires, hanging braziers, etc.

  12. Large braziers. The current placeable fire sources all seem a little underwhelming in size. I would love large bowls of flaming hate just able to line the inside of a throne room or something, or even just to help decorate the frozen north.

  13. Sparring dummies. You see them at the camps and such holding swords and shields, would love to have some for my base as well.

  14. Cultural Deco. I want blackhand awnings, dafari tents, stuff like that. Tie it to having T3 carpenters or something, thats fine to add an acquisition challenge.

Thats all I can think of for now, I will edit the list if I have more, or people post great ideas.

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