WANTED: Earthworks & Agriculture

It just occurred to me that after 5yrs of updates we’ve got at least 4, or 5 varieties of pretty much anything you can build…
Except wells & farming stuff.

With the Age of War upon us, wouldn’t it be cool if we got some ancient earthworks?! I’m talking the ability to build earthen palisades for siege camps. Moats for your base that fill with water like a well. Trenches - or a basic building set of foundations and ramps with various terrain textures. Irrigation ditches, earthwork reservoirs, or any kind of alternative to either a big well, or a little one. And I would LOVE to get some basic mounded earth pieces so we can make normal-looking farms.


Wait another 5 years and you might get one of those things

Agricultural revamp would be really nice. Planting fruit and vegetables directly into dirt should be an option. The current farming boxes are ugly.


Devs could even use those walkways (with better collision) and it could work. They could retexture them, give them the same function of pots, add 4 plants to each and they could work as agricultural patches.


Ooooh now moats are a fantastic idea.

Let’s have further options for the moat water like poisonous swamp water or gaseous liquids, maybe even death by crocodile?

So many ideas…

Great idea,
Personally I love that we can dig in ground in “No Man’s Sky” (very nice space survival/adventure game),
this elevates game to another level as you can change the shape of landscape.

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Love the idea of terraforming, but don’t you think that players will just dig up the ground/make huge mounds and destroy the scenery of the game? There’d have to be some sort of reset timer on terraforming or something so it doesn’t end up looking like a deserted minecraft server lol

This is kinda why I was thinking a basic kit of foundations & ramps in every terrain texture. At least with that we could level-off ground and build the appearance of earthworks.

Medieval Engineers is another voxel based sand box game. You could build fantastic tunnel systems underneath your castles. The only reason I stopped playing it back in 2018 was due to the limited number of NPC types, deer and barbarians.

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Due to the way the game is programmed, I doubt we will ever be able to alter the ground surface. The gridwork and texture on top of it is pretty much set in stone and essential part of the maps.

Its cute idea, completely inapplicable tho.

I would however, enjoy getting more build mode items with water features. We only have two kinds of water wells and about two fountains that allow drinking from among the DLC. We could have more of those, preferably of different themes.

When an idea revives after 6 years…
Something smells fishy…
So farming soil and veggies, bring it on then, i like it.

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