Sustainable Gardening

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a 10-50% chance for a seed spawn when growing in the planters. Harvesting plants in the wilderness gives you a chance for seeds and realistically you would also be able to harvest them from the plants you grow. I know this could create a loop with seeds just never running out, but you are still limited by creating compost, and having it be only a chance to get seeds would still give you the possibility of them running out and needing to go out harvesting again.

Perhaps the chance to produce seeds could be tied into the level of planter you use with it being like a 10% chance with a crude planter working it’s way up to 40-50% with the improved planter.


I would LOVE to be able to sustain my farm without having to run out and gather a bunch of the plants. Because that kinda of defeats the purpose of gardening and growing it slowly over time. Like, why have a garden if youre just gunna have to run out to get the seeds when you need more anyways? Sure it gives you the option of taking the plant without going far, but then youre going to ruin your seed stash and have to go out and get more later anyways. I would much rather have it at least 75% sustainable so I only have to go out and get more seeds on a rare occasions.

im all for this. i dont get why they care if we get seeds from it. the whole point of gardening is so you dont have to go out into the wild to get the plants, yet we have to go get the seeds makes no sense to me, what kind of exploid could there possibly be?


Thats a good idea, but maybe this would make things “too easy”

Im all up for sustained gardening, dont get me wrong, but I think it should come with a cost for this, maybe you would have to stay interacting with the planter for some time, like a thrall in a working station, to create more seeds maybe?


maybe have to add water or something to it to get the seeds?

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Maybe the lower level planters don’t give seeds and the higher ones do?


i like that idea too, maybe even a seperate seed bench/work station would be viable too

Or a recipe to turn a plant into seeds… so you harvest ten, keep five or so, turn the rest into seeds?


i like that idea even more

How about a new compost recipe that is designed to make the plant that is being grown from a seed to “go to seed” itself instead of only maturing for harvest. The result is less or no plants produced but a number of seeds instead.
Such as: 10 units bonemeal + 100 plant fibre + 50 putrid meat + 10 blood = Over-achiever compost

The only reason now to use the planter is purely decorative.
Why would I bother with farming if I can jump through the map room and with sickle in a couple of minutes I can have couple of stacks of what ever herb I need.

This game suffers from major issue. Lack of balance. Like, do devs even play the game? Or they log in run for a hour and log out saying they played they creation.
I’m not gonna offtop and go into the details but… so many things need to be adjusted to even make sense like farming for example.

When thinking of berries: Maybe we should be able to grind them to their seeds? As those spoil.
I am talking of eighter 10 or 20 berries per seed. Or even for all plants. (IMO yellow lotus is a pain to store.)

On the other hand, a designated station could even allow to search a stack of fiber seeds for usable seeds.
Maybe make it working over time like the compost heap, so we cant really massproduce them swiftly.

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