Legit farming for plant pots

Would it be possible that when you harvest your plant boxes for whatever plant you had in it that you also had a chance of getting a seed. Higher tier plants such as lotus’s would have a lower drop rate for seeds and something like aloe would have a higher percentage drop.


I told myself the same thing why it doesn’t give you a seed when you pick from the pots.

Yeah it’s a bit of a common sleeper this suggestion: not many people seem to care about the farming concept, but just about everybody who does bang their heads at the lack of seed(s) in the output. There was a long thread relatively recently (a month ago ish maybe?) with a lot of good points in it if you’re interested. Should be possible to find with some searching.

A quick summary was “plants that give too big of an advantage in the ever-fragile PvP sphere shouldn’t be farmable”.

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Great Idea, plant pots are pretty much useless in my opinion cause you have to harvest the wild plants for their seeds anyway and get their recources.

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I mean aside from certain rare plants I for one would welcome the oppertunity to have sustainable crops of the following:

Leavening agent:
Desert Berries:
Highland Berries:
Plant Fiber:

Heck we could have it so that as long as we don’t completely empty the planter and keep putting the right kind of fertilizer in it it will simply convert the fertilizer into more plants we can harvest.

I raised this topic just a few weeks ago. It baffles me too. The thread is not far down. Check it out. Some good ideas, pros and cons.

Grey lotus flower, reason enough the pots should give seeds

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Funny, as the last time I discussed this with someone they had the exact opposite opinion to you. IE it would be mostly fine, but certain plants - and Grey Lotus specifically - were a big no-no.

Considering they are only found in the arena and the seeds themselves are rare spawns. it giving one seed or so per couple plants should not be that big of a deal. as is i use to go there multiple times a day to get the plant and seeds. I have a stockpile now. but it was annoying. Im not saying one plant should net one seed. but something to alleviate it a lil would be nice

It’ll just change it from a rare spawn to a very common spawn.

And this would imbalance things how exactly? (Assuming that the seed spawn rates don’t require some very special care or special fertilizer)

That aside I still think it would be fine to at least get seeds for the food and drink related spawns…

I was speaking only about grey lotus seeds. I’m all for getting seeds for farming in a planter plant fibres, aloe, and all other plants with a not rare drop rate for seeds in the wild.

I am for all the seeds. Then it’s a question of balance. One can well imagine that the Grey Lotus does not produce as much as hop seeds.

We can imagine a special fertilizer for the grey lotus that is more complicated and takes longer to make

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