Growing Plants, what’s the point?

Growing plants is a great task to do in the game however, the lack of seeds being produced BY the grown plants truly makes planters pointless. As it is now, plants grown yield no seeds. So, I still have to go out and gather. Thus, no point to growing them.

My suggestion is, make seeds more rare in the wild and force players to grow their own plants in the planters to keep their supply of plants and seed steady.

Maybe make a Thrall position for gardener and if you have the T4 thrall the plants produce their seeds. This would create farms where clans would grow plant fiber, aloe and other plants for use in potions and more.


If you make compost (or potent compost) + seeds producing seeds + plant essentially you have to find just one seed in the wild and start an infinite producing cycle.

This is exactly what happens in real life (if the plant do not die) but in a game like this it will be abusable.

The meaning of growing plants is one seeds = X plants, wich is usefull with rarest plants like grey lotus, at high level, and with plants you’re unable to harvest in big quantities at low level or you have to travel a lot to farm in the wild.

Obviously you can avoid all the mechanic if you want, because harvesting in the wild is faster.

That’s why I think a planter should have a better X in the equation 1 Seed => X plants.

But I do not think making a plater to work limitless with just 1 starting seed and consuming compost it’s a good idea.

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Should have a high multiplier indeed to make planters worthwhile.


How is this abusable? I often hear this as a counter-argument, but considering how easy most resources are to get I find it a little silly. We already have crafting stations in our bases generating infinite:
…and probably some I forgot. The latter three require input (rocks), just like the planters would require compost, but I’d think limitless access to iron, gold and silver would be way more “abusable” than flower seeds?


Because grey lotus is designed to be rare, and it need at some point to harvest chests in the arena, with this change you just need 1 seed to start infinite production (providing compost).

All other things you mentioned are not designed to be rare and powerful, they aren’t. All things you mentioned you need large quantities of them, wich is not true for ALL plants.

With the possible exception of the new fishes: they are OP but still, they require at least to check frequently the new fishtraps, because if not, the very low rate of capturing them makes them decay and so if you let the fishtraps unchecked for days you’ll don’t find any of them.

All lotuses for example in theory are designed to be rare, in reality only grey lotus it’s really rare but it’s powerful.

A planter do not even work this way, what you produce do not decay, you start growing with just one seed, the plants will stacks (now I think is 1 seed = 10 plant) with this suggestion you’ll produce also seeds, continuing the production in (potentially) exponential way if you do not produce only 1 seed from 1 seed, until the compost will be finished or the planter full.

So, starting from one seed, you’ll able to store hundreds of grey lotus.

It’s not an unbalancing change, but warpaints and potions based on grey lotus are used only for good reasons, because they require a rare ingredient, if you implement this they’ll become each-time-I’m-outside-my-home standard equipment.

Are you sure the game balance will not affected by this change ? I’m not.

That’s what I’m saying with “abusable”.

Growth would never be exponential I don’t see anyone suggesting 1 seed => 10 seeds => 100 seeds. Or if they do and I missed it, I disagree with that, too. At least anywhere near those numbers would be cuckoo. 1 seed => 10 plants (no seeds) is a very different matter, as plants cannot generate further plants, after all.

So it’d be 1 seed + 1 compost + time => 1 flower & 1 seed. Then you can add more compost and start again. Basically trading time and resources for another, more desirable resource. Just like most crafting works. I do believe (correct me if I’m wrong) lotuses already require the potent compost to make, so there’s a bit of a cost there, too. Not much, but it all adds up.

As an alternative, and allowing for the possibility that I’m wrong and having easier access to grey lotus is somehow horribly unbalancing the game, I’d actually be okay with having two levels of this, one for “subsistence farming”, and one for the more exotic plants (lotus, basically). With lotus using the current system (no change), refusing to pollinate in a pot or whatever. Lower level plants would just need changing to generate 1 (or maybe 1-2) seeds as part of their cycle, otherwise no change. Then we could have meaningful farms of lower-level plants like fiber or whichever ones one might prefer.

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Just look at the Emberlight mod. Emberlight planters do produce seeds, but not constantly. Drop rate is taken from loot tables for wild plants. So I get lots of ordinary Seeds and make Oil from them, but I have to go out for Aloe Seeds from time to time. I think that Grey Lotus will give almost no seeds at all (I don’t need it yet as I’m playing SP). It’s a good and honest mechanics: Plant Fiber is easy to get in the wild, and it’s easy to grow. Lotus is harder to get in the wild and you will not get a ton of it from just one seed.

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With that suggestion I can agree. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Wait!! Did someone say you can make oil from seeds??? How?

I just use them as decorations because Hop plants fill in gaps and at much needed color to the building pieces.

Otherwise I love some of suggestions here.

I also get the whole lotus thing. The Grey lotus is in fact pretty strong

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It’s not good as using unappetizing fishes wich procudes 1 oil for each fish, but for every 10 seeds you can produce 1 oil at fluid press.

Honestly when I started to play, before discovering gamepedia, this was the first thing I tried to do with the fluid press :stuck_out_tongue:


Aye me too actually :smile: I am a hops-abuser.


All the hops all the time! Throw in some true indigo for that exotic look lol


Ok, you convinced me.

Even if I think I’ll take no advantage from this… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow. That looks nice. Great work.

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Excellent use of Hops!!!

Thanks you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also emphasising the time variable, simple items would need the least amount of production time while the most exotic ones would demand the longest.

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Because seeds are gathered from the same source as the plant (obviously), and they each produce a finite amount of the base plant, there is zero unique purpose to them in the game outside of decoration and RP. They are essentially just extra plant resources that can be accumulated with a bunch more effort.

The entire point of seeds in agriculture is to reproduce growth cycles. I understand that a functioning seed system could be ‘abused’ to obtain limitless supplies of rare resources, but feel this could be obviated by having high crop failure rates on those rarer plants. Or make them labor intensive. And only growable in certain biomes. If I’m growing plant fiber and aloe in the south though, there is no reason why there shouldn’t be a limitless supply.


I’d like to have higher crop failure rate with a hint of labour intensity on the side please. :yum:

If some of this intensity would come in a form of needing to mimic the original biome of the strain, to make a hospitable enough environment to cultivate specific plants, I’d be okay with this challenge as well to some degree. :+1:t2::smile:

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