Fix farming please

So I fail to see any real reason to use the planter system in this game. You basically run around gathering what you are hoping to get from them just so you can get a handful of seeds. There is no rewarding return from them. What I think is a valid question is if the devs want players to have to leave their base for it then why add the function in at all? It just seems really counter productive to me and after researching online the majority of people who have discussed this feel the same way

Not all plants grow in all areas.

The purpose of a planter is to have stuff growing near your base, that might not grow wild near your base. So you don’t have to run all over the map trying to get it and cart it back.

I remember it fairly well from the last time I played. You stick a planter down. You add seeds of whatever you are looking to grow, along with compost. And you get a return in drops from that plant that you’d get harvesting in the wild.

Such as taking aloe seeds and turning them into aloe leaves.

Personally, I’d rather see them turn farming into a persistent thing. Plant the seeds and harvest, but don’t destroy the plant, because most plants can be harvest multiple times.

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Its sorta fine as is…sorta.

I’d prefer dirt piles, that look more farmy. I tend go gather “plants” and seeds are just something toss in and get some extra.

They could add them as insect collectors to. Certain ones gather bee type, others ants to toss in fish feeder. Certain ones could make bugs that do dyes show up.

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