Tamable animals/mounts

You need to be able to tame animals, like in Ark


They are working on it, but not doe yet, they run is to some tech problem whit the mapsystem to implent it to start. Somthing about mounts movig to fast for the map to load so you wlll fall of the edge so to say.

Its an issue with low-end pc’s and (likely) console limitations where they move too fast for the map to load correctly causing issues eventually leading to them falling off the map.

Im all for tamable small creatures or transport mounts, but I honestly would hate speed mounts. No game has them implemented in a way that help the game.

there needs to be a little shame counter for people that say “like in Ark” or “Like in Rust” :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

NO…a thousand times no. Mounts and tamable pets are stupid…this isn’t world of warcraft…this isn’t ark…plz don’t ruin this game with idiotic ideas.

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well it depends howe they do it, of its more for the crafting and thrall systems. To have guard doggs and reasurse farms.

No mounts, horrible direction for this game.
possibly same tameable pets but only wolves or maybe hyenas, dogs r doable i believe.
outside of that, theres no way a pet crocodile or spider should ever happen.

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DEVs when are we getting mounts ? That is way I got the game. Good old fashion mounts. no tribe killing dinos. make this happen and a few other tames too.

I’m with you on taming, but no let’s not do it like Ark.

I as a Set follower, would be much happy if I could have some snakes in my place, like combat thralls. ^^

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