You know what this game needs?

Add “monsters” that you can “tame” that can help you do stuff in PVP and PVE like fighting, flying, swimming, gathering resources, etc etc…

I mean I know that it sounds a bit like ur “ripping off” another popular Survival MMO but to be honest a lot of people in that community are frustrated with the bad PR and game design changes.

If you add tameable/ridable monsters into the mix and keep improving your game and listening to your community than you will take about 80% of that games player base.

From what I’ve heard and seen, this has been planned to be added at some point.

You know those baby animals you see walking around? They’re supposed to tie into a ‘Taming System’ once it gets introduced.

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Kidnapping babies, I can’t wait.


NO, this game not is Ark. I don’t like see flying mounts, monster mounts or other exotic mount. This is Conan , horses mount are welcome but no much more. And the horse haven easy kill wiht spikes. Repeat,this is Conan. If you want killme, dismount and fight with the sword .

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This doesnt stop the man getting a dire wolf pup to his home and take care of it, growing big enough, it can turn into a mount and pet at the same time. What I don’t wanna see, its being an iten you summon from the inventory, thats a mmo thing that doesnt fit a survival game, once you have it, its like combat thralls, no back to inventory.

About flying mounts, the devs already said its not going to happen, because flying makes the world feel small, and I hope they keep that thought.


Or you can just play Ark. Surprisingly, there are people who bought this game because it wasnt Ark. I’m one of those people, so let’s not make this game into something we already have.


Devs have said multiple times now mounts have been currently scrapped so we shouldn’t have to worry about that. The baby animals as pets is neat but I hope they never grow up or are used for more than cosmetic

C’mon, wouldnt you want a hyena, or a wolf, jaguar wandering along with you? :smiley:

As much fun as it would be I also do not feel it fits in with this game

It also makes things have that coping ARK feel which this game really is not

Having it as a pet following you that can die would also be saddening but possible.

The only way I would want one is if I can send it in to scout an area or as a distraction but it doesn’t really fit theme. Making a thrall do that seems better

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