To make Conan Exiles a legendary game they should apply the following

To make Conan Exiles a legendary game they should apply the following…

  • greater challenge, variety, more difficulty in pve, improve story mode, more dangerous life in the world … (not generic, not passive)
  • implement a trading system
  • cities with trade stores based on gold and silver coins
  • add mission system with rewards
  • more life and danger on the map (it is very passive)
  • add items, weapons and unique armor
  • Transmutation of objects, weapons and unique, rare armor …
  • new artisans to tame pets, extract resources, plow the land, merchant, seller, buyer, host, musicians, etc …
  • fishing rod whales, sharks, unique and rare fish …
  • greater difficulty and danger in the pve, the game can not depend on pvp, by eliminating a rival clan, you have nothing more to do …
  • improve the story, it is uninteresting, nobody is interested in fulfilling the story …
  • sell, buy, exchange, auction, stores, etc.
  • movements or patrols of warrior slaves and archers within your base zone
  • give orders to slaves, passive, attack, sleep, patrol, return home, send to a specific place, etc …
  • deploy a small army of slaves
  • New map area, castle, city, towns, new items, magic, magical objects, tame other species, etc.
  • that all animals can be mounted …
  • random missions on the map with rewards …
  • have a profession for your character
  • increase the difficulty and rewards to the dungeons
  • It is more entertaining to make friends and fight against a very hostile and difficult environment.
  • Paint your house, blocks, roof, objects, weapons, etc.
  • change your character’s look
  • create boats, rafts, ports, etc.
  • monsters, creatures or aquatic animals, harpoons, reeds, weapons, nets to catch them …
  • bands of assassins roaming the earth, etc.
  • send carts or merchants to other cities with merchandise …
  • implement more pippi mod administrator tools in the game
  • option to place compass or minimap
  • more life and dangerous surprises on the map, that you never know what you can cross on the road …
  • greater variety of slaves with different abilities (Erii the destroyer and Khisthis x 100,000 in the volcano)
  • implement good ideas of the calamitous mod that greatly extend the game life (more adventure roll pve)
  • learning books for artisan slaves and warriors who raise specific skills.
  • cultivation area, plant trees, plants, flowers, etc …
  • pens with animals with training tamers, etc.
  • warrior and archer trainers, etc.
  • leave structures and objects that other players can use and interact with.
  • accompany NPC to complete missions (eg accompany Conan and other characters to find a black dragon heart, etc.)

more content…

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I desagre with all pets should be mountable because the game will become arc or something like, when the focus is around conan style, im in love with this game,i agree some pets should be like mounts,the elephant for exemple,should be for sure,but a lot of them i know now if gona look like the game style for me so far this game sbould be the game of the year no cap, is fresh is clean is fun, a lot of things could make the game massively boring - is + too

And more beards!! How could you forget!?! :wink:

But i totally agree with quite a few points, like painting stuff!!

However, its coming across to me that you want more of an mmo style game from several of your points referencing the environment and events. That be cool, id play, but i dont think that what exiles should or could become. If anything if that was the case taking the best parts of exiles and applying it to a new conan project would get me way more excited than bloating exiles up with to many more features. But maybe with dlcs and map expansions well get there.

Mostly all are very good suggestions, but you aren’t counting server performances, keep in mind unreal engine isn’t the best multiplayer engine, and even fortnite has a 100 players limit that they (the epic guys) can’t circumvent or surpass, even fortnite has a custom proprietary modification that they will not give away to other parties.

I really don’t understand this, there’s already a map, and you can even see all the people in your clan and in your steam friends list on it, what more do you want?

There’s already farming, and it has been stated times and times again in the past “no minecraft permanent farms, players have to go out and play”, so please no minecraft perma-farms.

What you mean? You want to train them at your base without going out and risking? I think either I or you are missing the point.

What I would love to see, and people who know me on the forums have heard me saying it times and times again, is a new claim system, like the toolcupboard and upkeep costs in rust, so we can play “capture the flag” with bases, take over abandoned bases or even steal bases from other people.

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