Suggest Some Idea for Conan Exiles

i have some Suggest for Conan Exiles.

Building :

its so Good if u added Half Foundation , Ceiling or … for better understanding in corner if i put foundation i see 2 squarer better i can do something between this 2 and make better look )

Clan :

  • add custom permission on clan
  • added password on doors ( in some clan no one allow go in X room if not have password ( just owner ) or who owner give him permission

Info :

-add more info for anything , for example before i use knowledge for something i can see what material need for craft it, or some sword how much damage , durable , material for craft

Social :

in Chat i must write : /global /clan /local , better u added some tabs for this, and if i want i close this tabs or so.

Clothes :

  • added more customize and more clothes for body , for now 5 for body, this good for example i can use X glove for my left and and X for right hand or etc…

Slot :

-add more slot for game now we have just 8 slot for use better 10, and some side slot for put other items… ( like world of warcraft not much but little more better )

thanks for your support and make this good game

Regard Ali

Use /g /c /s instead :wink:

This will help a lot, I want to know if a armour has heat/cold resistance or any other stats like str agi gri etc.


i knoe /g /c /s but better this is like some tab i try improve game if i want use game like this why i ask they write some more code ?

im programmer and know all of this can added easy

Having tabs is nice yes
Just though you typed the long way each time haha :+1:t2:

Customizable GUI.

UI option to hide helmets would be nice.

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you can at least illusion it to jewlery now, vanir earlings etc

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True, though it doesn’t work on other players. I wanna see those beautiful faces!

1 Like I kinda want this building piece from atlas, would solve so many “stair issues” I have had in the past, just to be clear this exists inside the space of one foundation block.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I think an L-shaped staircase was showcased in Bazaar in their pre 3.0 stream, but yeah such an option would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Spiral Staircases would be awesome too. Ark’s got them, IIRC

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  • added password on doors ( in some clan no one allow go in X room if not have password ( just owner ) or who owner give him permission

Players could just deconstruct the wall. Password protected boxes could work though but they would have to be placed on a solid non constructed object to be secure from your own clan.

A Legendary pet, basically a world boss pet that requires a beastmaster thrall a special pen, and maybe some tricky activity to get a hatchling (dragon, rotbranch, giant spider) if these could double as mounts too :o

they might have to serve as 1 per clan though or something if they are super strong, but would be hyper cool to have, people on a mounted fire breathing dragon, an AOE spinning rot branch, tanky poisoning giant spider.


if dev team add password on door, this password can work on boxes too

1.) New farming station: Fish Pond - As the name implies, lets you build a small pond where you can passively generate fish in your base. Good for desert bases that aren’t conveniently close to rivers or oases.

2.) New thrall type: Beast Master - Put at animal pens, stables, and maybe the hypothetical Fish Pond to decrease maturation time, boost production, and/or increase chances of getting rare pet variations at Tier-IV.

Funcom have added that in a new building set. I saw it shown online.

Oooh yes! Legendary pet! Nice one. Has to be a rare drop though, otherwise they’ll be everywhere lol

I still think they should make a gliding attempt achievement by having you grab the legs of one of those big birds and jumping off a high cliff with it.

Aside from that:
I’d like to be able to build a bath house on land (other than in a body of water) and actually be able to put water in it.
Water in the big fountains is just too hard. :wink:

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scorpion king

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