What would you like to see implemented in Conan Exiles?

I saw myself for a long time looking for a medieval game in which to portray as close to real as possible, so I came across the fabulous Conan Exiles.
Gradient constructions, show incredible, fantastic armor, was loving to play, everything improved upon gaining knowledge of the missions, those beautiful caves with their bosses say very strong by the way …
But since everything is not always flowers, I reached the limit of the level, had the best of the construction in my hands, as well as the weapons and armor, and from there the game started to look like a Minicraft … Minerar, build, do, and alone.

I particularly think that when someone searches for a game where the character wields laminas / clubs is not there thinking about craft and yes in challenges.

For many years (I can not remember how many) I play Tibia, and it is possible to find RPG elements that are adaptable to Conan Exiles, for the growth not only of challenges or content, but of “magic” of the game that the title after .

One day I was questioned that this is a survival game that had been recently released to the public, but as a constructive acritica I say that the improvements of the game are following by another way, aesthetically the game is beautiful, gameplay has its problems like any game but do not leave to be desired, so why not put more challenges?

I speak this way so that we can have new fans of the game, and do not see the conan as a game to build and destroy, but that is a game of challenges and personal cnquistas the view of the games, I leave here my thanks for all efforts from Funcom to give us a game like Conan Exiles and who can even give us more updates on our consoles and computers.

Edipo Abner, Brazil

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If you were to play the PC version you could find modded servers that that would give you a lot of what you want. Good luck.

unfortunately the costs of a machine that runs acceptably is not baraqto here, and as a console user I wish it could be migrated to the

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