Suggestion about artisans for better gameplay

good morning, I like the game and because I like it I come to make this suggestion.

the main attraction of conan exiles is the construction, it has many things that make it interesting but nobody can deny that the construction is the central axis of the game, however; building the things we want takes time, a lot of time because the most pleasing buildings in sight require materials that take a long time to make and that’s where the artisans come to carve.

artisans help us by making materials faster and reducing the cost, if you want to build large buildings it is necessary to have a good number of artisans and precisely here comes the problem, not by the amount that is required, nor by the time it takes to get them, but for how easy it is to lose them.

In PVP servers where they can break your base and loot you, when an invader arrives he collects everything he sees and when he finds craftsmen he takes them although he does not need them because it is very easy to do it, this is wrong.

The correct thing would be that when an invader gets into your base, see the artisans and if anyone cares, you should hit him and drag him to his wheel of pain, that would be coherent, but it is not and I suggest they change it.

Why do it?

first of all because although they tell me that in PVE servers there is not this problem, the truth is that the PVE servers are boring, if the community is not active and proposes to do things, it is not different than playing alone, except you can see structures everywhere that disfigure eyesight because not many like to build.

conan exiles is PVP and I think the developers created it with that approach, if there are people who do not like the PVP, I respect it, everyone likes it, but the truth is that for those who play PVP or try it, the main problem What they are going to find is not that they break the base and plunder them, but how difficult it is to recover after that.

Between searching for materials, finding artisans and rebuilding your base, the week goes by easily, you neglected a weekend and they break you again, looting and stealing craftsmen denying everything you did during the week, because yes, that’s how they work the PVP servers, the oldest live by winning the new ones and this is not bad, because with something the ancients have to entertain, nevertheless; this type of things cause the players to get bored of the game and choose to go to PVE servers where after a while they will also get bored because if they already know the map and have done the missions there is nothing left to do and even if they want to go back to PVP, the problem of looting will continue so that in the end they end up leaving the game.

all this can be solved with a simple arrangement, the craftsmen should not be so easy to steal, even if they plunder you and leave your base partially destroyed, with the artisans one can recover quickly.

what they suggested is that artisans are invoked just like any archer or fighter, but; When you put it near a work table, an additional option appears to put it to work there, another option would be simply to place it on the table and fit it (in fact this last should be able to be done with any trall, so you could make these interact with objects such as chairs, campfires, target shooting, etc).

to the artisans we can equip them, but not give them weapons, the equipment will be to resist damage if a bomb explodes nearby, besides helping them to hold more blows so they do not faint so quickly.

their behavior could be of 2 types, if they receive damage or see someone close to die, react like rabbits and puppies and run away, the other option would be to crouch as if they were scared or some other similar animation that keeps them in their site.

the idea is that the invader does not take all the artisans as if they were anything, many times the invaders do not need the artisans, but they take them because they can, however; Doing this affects more than what is expected of the invaded.

I hope you take into account my suggestion and we will see changes later, with everything the developers can do, I think this arrangement would be nothing to them.

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