Need more levels

This game really need more levels. I have friends that doesn’t want to play anyone becsusr of the level cap

What’s wrong with the current level? At 60 you have enough attribute points to max out three stats, or get a solid 10 in everything. Feat points can be infinitely gained via tablets and fragments of power meaning you can unlock everything. There is no reason to have more levels unless you want to max every attribute, at which point builds become pointless and it harms the actual endgame content as you hit a more sudden end once you cap off, instead of guiding you to max out your gear to enhance the build.


No… the levels are fine… what you and your friends need to do is casually set the XP rate to 0.1… and you’ll immediately notice the improvement.

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Thats what i told them


I under stand that. They could alway cap the attributes to 60 but they can always let people grow in the game by leveling up more and make their gear better. Like they do on fallout 76.

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Eat fragments like popcorn, with butter and salt Fragment of Power - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Speaking from a personal standpoint here, I am happy to have a level cap of 60 and feel it should not be raised any higher. Doing so would largely eliminate the diversity of different builds and loadouts. However, I have previously suggested that we should add a prestige option for Conan Exiles, which allows us to earn additional Knowledge points, not Attribute points. Or even some neat, purely cosmetic icons we can add next to our health bars.


Welcome exile! This above is just an excuse from people that just scratched the surface of this game and need a good (poor) excuse to leave the game! My friend @Sassy_Alina let them be, they can run all around the games and still won’t find a game like it! But if they come back DON’T help them! Let them grow alone, understand the difficulty of this game and finally RESPECT this game! The greatest mistake for this game is that some people “learn” it on easy private servers. I do respect the gamers that choose to play the game on easy servers and enjoy it, but I cannot accept their light head criticism! The game has obvious reasons to have a level cap, a great content and multiple options for character building! I do understand that the old attributes were a bit confusing and problematic! But the new attributes are crystal clear, each player can choose a role and go till the end with the role He-She chose and enjoy the game. My friend @Sassy_Alina now we are BEASTS. If you don’t believe it then here’s an example of the word beast!


In an hour or so I can make a run of the unnamed city, snag 10 fragments of power, eat them and gain 100 knowledge points. I can do this 2-3 times in a day.

I’m on a privet server with a rather unbalanced basically no level cap; 300 or 350 something like that.
To begin I did my usual tank stats, then filled in as I got points. Maxed now and still getting the points.
I still get knowledge point but it’s so slow I hit the city a couple times a week.

The only way it has changed my game play is, I don’t have to shift knowledge points around, or give up recipes I have already learned to learn new ones.

We don’t need to change the level cap, we need to be able to continue to gain knowledge. So basically they aught to; but don’t need to, remove the knowledge cap.

They already cap at 60 and then shift focus to gear improvements. It sounds like your friends couldn’t find the endgame so they decided it must not exist instead of looking further into it.

If there’s no level cap, there’s no character builds. If there’s no builds, a lot of the fun in this game would evaporate.
You need to choose what you want to become. A figter? A builder? A sorcerer? A jack of all trades, master of none? You can learn a recipe that allows you to reallocate attribute points (potion of bestial memory), so you can actually be all of those at different times according to will, strategy or necessity.

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