Conan Exiles stopped giving me points and levels at level 60

I rebooted it several times and the game will not let me progress. How can I fix this.


60 is the level cap.

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If you are single player, you can access admin privileges and give yourself more feat points.

If you are online, you’d need to be the server admin to do that.

If you are on PC, I think there may be mods out there allowing you to level past 60. I play on PS4, so I’m not sure about that.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with the points you’ve got, and will need lotus potions to re-allocate when the desire strikes.

If PC and single player, there are a boat load of mods that are great for this. Paragon leveling, I think is called, is awesome.

oh, i must have missed that one, (d3 reference) :slight_smile: i use the litman pack, including this one for levels:
(havent reached level 50 yet but am guessing it will work)

Sorry, I got the name wrong. It’s Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling. Great stuff.

oh thanks looks pretty neat.
i might try it in another playthrough

To reach level 61 you have to reboot 61 times.

hey :nerd_face: (you say that from my other thread where i mentioned a crash an hour lol) :smiley:

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