Will i play today (aka 40/40)?


Funcom, we are realy need to increase server and clan cap

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Server caps need to be raised, and I’ve kinda come around to the idea of active slots being reserved. If you don’t play for more than a week, you lose your slot and have to try to get in again like the rest of the plebs.


You guys exaggerate this. Our server is 40/40 all the time and if you refresh after every 4 times trying you get in about 15-25 min. Yes a queue system needs to be done but the game will settle in about a week anyhow.

And you certainly dont want the server cap raised to 80. The n it would be a mess like ark.

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I just got on to the server and somehow got horned out while loading in. I was already on and immediately crashed after 15 minutes of queueing. This is currently gamebreaking.

it takes me 2h+ to join yesterday (direct connect spam)

I do -)

Add auto kick for AFKers, this will help ALOT

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No, it’s not the decision. This is a fight with the consequence, rather than the cause. We badly need in server cap increase.

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Allow clan sizes of 4, who can login all time, reserve 4 slots for the final clan or single players, when 1 week of absence is reached by any clan and 3 days of single player, than kick.

It is most annoying when you’re in a clan and can’t get online, this is frustrating when you try for a long time whilst your base is under attack and can not get in game.

Some people work and want to play the game in more than 1 time some of our clan stopped trying to login, this ruins the fun part.

Im also not happy about this, but I prefer to have problems to log in, than easily logging in a 80 slots server just to have horrible lag and unstable server.

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Not true. I sat over an hour and half twice this weekend and never saw anything under 40/40 on the server I had worked all week on.

they definitely have a queue system because its ran through steam servers, so you can just select auto join when slot open and last night, both me and a friend did that and got into our server in under 5 mins

steam auto join system is not a queue. It just autorefresh server list and if there is a free spot it will join server. Or at least it’ll try to.
We need afk kick, queue and also server cap should be higher.


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