RK2019 – The Server with a Run Speed Buff


Nobody is twisting your arm.
But you are trying to twist ours…


How so?

By simply expressing my opinion?


there is no reason to open another server. the pace on this PROGRESSION server is very slow at the moment. and with increases every week or 2 anyone is able to easily catch up. there is no need to slow it even more down. there is just not enough content for longer timespans. not at level 60 or 75 or 100. maybe later with SL, sure. but not on RK alone. i wonder how bad people will cry about this topic, when we get to 150++ caps and grinding gets much much much worse… you ask for a cap stop for probably 6 months then^^^^


And so why exactly are you opposed to another server that has no limits?

Could it be because you think that people who feel the same are not enough for such a server to be viable?

If not, give precise reasons, other than you’re bored waiting on the people who make RK2019 a viable alternative? As if you’re afraid they’ll have time to figure things out, and so make you less uber when they do?


There really isn’t much to do after a week at 60. Two weeks is too long. I get to play about 2 hours a night and I’m done with everything this cap. Unless I want to gear alt #3 (I don’t have interest in more alts) I don’t have much of anything meaningful to do.

I’m not sure what others were looking for when resubbing for RK19, but I was looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. This game had such a focus on leveling. Gathering a group and grinding XP. Now it seems like half of the community wants nothing to do with it. I’ve been doing ToTW for 3 weeks now and Foremans for 2 weeks now. I’m not looking forward to Foremans and CoH for another month+.

This is an old school MMO. Time = power. That’s the way it’s always been. I don’t know why people are so against it.


First of all, you are saying that FunComs most loyal customers are the least entitled to this server.
And second, you are saying you dont want to play with people who are.

So you are not stating your opinion, but arguing that people who have played longer and have more knowledge, should not get to state theirs.
You really think FC should open a fresh server for us, when you are the minority?


its hard to find the balance between the different players and theyr wishes, but i think level 100 cap with SL for 1 month aint tho bad. it gives the ones that dont want to rush it more time while still giving the more hardcore players alot of new content and things to farm.


At the time of you writing this I have solo’d all the on various proffs. I still like the slow caps though.


What toxicity? Everything has been really cool. Nice people, fun pvp, enjoyable camping.

I just don’t understand. Who hurt you?

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Setting the cap at 100 for a month is too long.
There is not enough content.
Why do people seem so hellbent on taking things so slow?
Are you afraid people wont play with you? Because they will, just maybe on an alt or something.
The game as is, is just constipated and unfun.
Waiting for Neleb to spawn so you can kill him in 4 seconds is not really that much content…


keep in mind that with SL comes the release of keepers and shades, and many players rolling these professions will want the chance to catch up to their orgmates.

also, there is a ton of content for level 100 in shadowlands. the first three zones are already accessible just from the level cap, and the quest for Adonis progression will be doable by players. There should be enough content to explore on release, even if you don’t plan on rolling a shade or keeper.


Here, again.
People need a month to catch up?
Perhaps not everyone should be able to catch up?
At what level do we stop caring about people falling behind?
Its a matter of time.
People do play differently, and the first shades and keepers will catch up within the first day.
Please tell me why this game has become a game of waiting in Old Athens for 95% of our game time…


Just hope Funcom remembers that Easter is next week and gives us something to do except mindlessly farming ToTW, Foremans and CoH


Leveling up to the current level cap (what ever that might be at the time) in a medsuit while others carry you through the content is not catching up.

Catching up means farming twinking items, weapons and armor, equipping highest possible implants etc.

No matter how good you are, you are not doing that in a day or two. Or even in a week. Especially on
a new server with still very limited resources. Unless of course you found a way to somehow acquire the buffing items etc without camping and farming.

I could stay at level 100 for 6 months and never run out of things to do. Even if it was just RK, but easily with SL.


This saturday morning I started a doc from level 1.
All I transfered was 100k credits.
On sunday I was fully equiped with QL 100/125 imps, full living cyber armor, 2x CDR, and loads of credits.
I do not multibox.
There is nothing left to do at lvl 60, or 100 for that matter.

If you stand around idling and and doing nothing, dont come crying when you are left behind.
It does not take a lot of time, and its not hard.
All you need is a can-do-attitude, and I should not be punished for having one.


i hit level 60 and was kinda geared in one day :stuck_out_tongue: but im trying to see it from a more casual perspective. i have been kinda bored sins friday and used more time helping others then myself. i got 7 toons to 60 and geared enough to a point where i dont feel im wasting cash. if i was beeing selfish and thinking only of myself i would agree with Stinnipeng and say speed things up. but i want people to stick around, and im loving the activity. i still think level 100 with sl is a fair split between what everyone wants


I’m already done with 4 toons at lvl 60 and has been for over a week already.
There is to little content in game with this levelcap in rk only. all instances are overcamped so I end up just sitting in city talking to people.
wtb SL and lvl 100. need to make a keeper as my main. (also easter next week so loads of gametime)


You missed the part where I said:

Your argument is geared towards opening a new, unrestricted server. I have no arguments against it, but it would not have caused me to return.”

Then somehow equate me stating my opinion as “arguing that people who have played longer and have more knowledge, should not get to state theirs.”

How on earth did you arrive at that conclusion?

Although you are absolutely correct that I don’t think old players should have any entitlements at all on RK2019, including myself, beyond that of a brand new player on RK2019.

I am also more give more credence to brand new players on pacing.

Neither of which equates to “arguing that people who have played longer and have more knowledge, should not get to state theirs”.


I’m not for opening a new unrestricted server.
I’m going for less restrictions on the one we have now. :slight_smile:
You say people are toxic… where have you met them?
Do you mean, as you have mentioned before “people like me”?
You dont know me, what I stand for and if I’m at all toxic or not…
Perhaps you should go a round with yourself and ask if throwing accusations around is at all helpful in a conversation.


more servers would not make it any better. would just split the population even further. so it will never come.