Long time player LF Omni Org

Been playing since ~2005, on and off ever since but mostly away during 2016-2018. Either way, long standing understanding of AO. Never the same after open-world cities were transitioned to instances and PvP titles could be stolen, but still the only MMORPG that captures my attention.

Looking for an Omni org to join and call home in AO, especially since I play during EST which is notoriously low on volume. With the right org, would likely be playing more than I normally do. Really looking for a tight-knit community to help with PvM content and PvP content alike -

Ideally looking for an org actively engaged in PVP, towers and otherwise, in addition to PVM content. Have numerous characters 220 and TL5 to support these pursuits and not looking for funding/items to grow - simply a place to call home in AO with like minded people.

AO is not my only pursuit game-wise (also play GW2, FN, CSGO, etc.), but a game I would like to continue to have fun in with a supportive community. AO is my original MMORPG love and one that will persist in the dearth of scifi MMORPGs that reward skill over time.

Mains are Angelus and Machina, also including Thescout, Wildgoose, Ezstreet, Depolarize and many other alts. Past leader of Asgard/Midgard before population began to decline precipitously and the org was unable to be maintained.

Look forward to chatting with you in game and joining an org!