[Recruitment] BSTRDS - recruitment [Clans]




We are a very small org and like to keep it so, but was interested to see if we do a post here on forum what can happen. We are mixed group of players Euros/US/Australia. What you need is to have a mindset for endgame content but even if ur not there yet we can always help you to get there.
BSTRDS org was founded 2016 July but many of us has played this game pre smartphone was released
We are also a part of alliance so it’s basically a raid everyday except mondays.


It’s quite simple don’t be greedy or a douche, and don’t cheat or exploit. Leave your mental problems at home.
We don’t do any kind of drama over small stuff like loot or ganking etc. After all it’s just a game (Sorry if i broke anyone’s illusion).

Org Benefits

Large ql 300 city
Org bot / Raidbot
And funny chat and Discord (voice program)

How to join

We don’t use any forums and we don’t use any social media so if you feel like joining our ranks all you need is to talk to me /Ultri
I can be on Redcurry/Ultmech/Ultras/Currytrader/ or just ask someone if you see

Let’s see if this turn out something or not.

Most important is ur willing to put time and effort to learn or if you already know it all maybe you can teach us